By Ruth Richter • January 05, 2018

Blog|Learn how These Companies Keep eBay Customers on Track

eBayeBay has a rich history of person-to-person trading. It is built on the idea of connecting people rather than selling goods, and it succeeds at that quite well. Whether it’s an eBay auction or Buy It Now, nothing is more exciting after a bout of online shopping than getting that notification in your inbox: Your order has shipped! Tracking information is vital currency to customers, and the sooner your customers can see their order is on its way, the better.

Connect to the eBay Market

With a 2016 net revenue of $8.9 billion and 168 million active buyers in Q3 of 2017, eBay has the potential to expand your customer base exponentially, so it’s important to keep your eBay buyers’ experiences positive ones.

Once a customer places an eBay order, the information needs to flow seamlessly into your Sage 100 accounting system to trigger fulfillment followed by shipment and tracking. And, if orders are entered manually, not only does that take extra time, there’s also an increased opportunity for mis-keying, all resulting in shipment delays which means you need a solution that can connect to every order from every virtual shopping cart your products could land in and funnel that information into a central system automatically.

Sound impossible? It’s not. These ROI Consulting customers keep real-time customer data flowing smoothly between eBay and Sage 100 using IN-SYNCH.

Adaptable Computers

Adaptable Computers resells IT assets and parts on eBay. Founded in 2004, the company has become the leading provider of used and refurbished IT assets. Not only do they offer parts to increase their customers’ return on investment, they are also dedicated to practices that contribute to a cleaner earth, starting with keeping electronic equipment out of landfills.

Adaptable Computers is able to automatically transfer order information from eBay into Sage 100 and trigger the tracking information email to the customer at the appropriate time. With IN-SYNCH, customer information flows securely between eBay and Sage, giving the company direct access to order information, and giving their customers a seamless transition from transaction to tracking.


Epoca designs and distributes consumer products around the world through multiple e-commerce sites, including eBay. Epoca also features their own standalone specialty brands: Ecolution offers quality cookware brands that help to keep the planet green, while Primula offers specialty products to help customers make the perfect pot of tea or coffee.

Epoca’s warehouses are built on volume-based orders and speed, which means they need to use technologies including real-time data synchronization through IN-SYNCH. As soon as the customer places their eBay order, Epoca has the latest order information in Sage 100. This helps maintain more accurate inventory levels and sales projections, as well as speeds up order processing time. Epoca also recently launched a new Shopify webstore which is fully integrated with Sage 100.

Tiger Supplies

Tiger Supplies delivers engineer and architect supplies. including construction lasers and large file document storage all over North America. They strive for excellence with competitive pricing, high quality products, knowledgeable employees, and social responsibility.

Tiger Supplies offers a same-day shipping guarantee which means real-time synchronization is critical. Because the company sells through multiple e-commerce platforms including eBay, Amazon, and BV Commerce, they chose IN-SYNCH to integrate their systems. IN-SYNCH works across multiple cart systems, easily connecting multiple websites to keep data flowing uninterrupted. With live data available, it’s easier for the company to respond to customer service requests with the most up-to-date order information.

Bid on the Best with eBay and IN-SYNCH

Streamline the process from eBay cart to your Sage dashboard to your customers’ doorsteps with IN-SYNCH. To see how Sage 100 shopping cart integration with IN-SYNCH can impact your business, visit ROI Consulting or speak with someone at ROI Consulting today. Contact ROI Consulting online or call us at 402-934-2223, ext. 1.