By Ruth Richter • August 21, 2019

Blog|Keeping your Ecommerce from Becoming a Four-Alarm Fire

No matter how long you’ve been in the workforce, almost everyone remembers learning the basic “Stop, Drop, and Roll” fire safety tip as a kid. Fire and safety precautions in the working world might be a little more complex—protective gear, eye washes, sprinkler systems, and more—but it all comes back to the basic principle of keeping people safe.

See how these safety providers have partnered with ROI Consulting to bring the best solutions to their customers as quickly and accurately as possible. Because when it comes to safety, it can’t wait.


Marmic Fire & Safety

Marmic Fire & SafetySafety is the mission for Marmic Fire & Safety. Headquartered in Missouri, Marmic has been helping retail, medical, commercial, and industrial establishments across the Midwest meet OSHA mandates, government codes, and NFPA standards. Aside from fire and safety products, Marmic also offers inspection services and hazard analysis. Their team members are rigorously trained to the most recent standards and technology so their customers can rest assured their businesses and employees are ready to handle any possible emergency.

Not just a service provider, Marmic also sells a plethora of safety equipment online. From ladders and rain suits to flashlights and fire extinguishers, Marmic has everything you need for fire safety and protection. With such a wide array of product offerings, though, they need to be able to accurately track inventory and keep order data organized in their Sage 100 system. Here, the safety experts turned to the integration experts. With IN-SYNCH integration by ROI consulting, Marmic has a finger on the pulse of every product, from the faster-moving inventory to the longer lead stock.


Feld Fire

Feld FireFounded in 1945 by Ed M. Feld, Feld Fire is on a mission to be the best single-source supply center for any and all fire, rescue, and safety needs. What began as a simple service and distribution center in Iowa has now grown to a business spanning across the Midwest via sales reps and a growing ecommerce presence that widens their customer base across North America.

Expanding from a sales rep-only structure to also including an ecommerce base changes the way warehouses and fulfillment teams keep the business moving forward. Fortunately, Feld Fire has IN-SYNCH for Sage 100 integration on its side. With lightning-fast bidirectional integration, IN-SYNCH keeps Sage 100 up to date on orders, inventory, and more, whether the sale came from a rep or the web. This helps Feld Fire hold to its 100 percent customer satisfaction goal by ensuring that orders go out on time in the right quantities to the right locations, and inventory is replenished accordingly so that no one is left unprotected.


Empire Safety

Empire Safety & Supply has been providing safety, hazmat, industrial, and controlled environment safety solutions for more than fifty years. Based in California, Empire distributes more than 800 manufacturers’ products to ensure their customers have the widest and best selection of safety equipment to choose from.

With so many manufacturers’ brands under their roof, Empire Safety & Supply needed an equally robust system to manage its ecommerce side. Partnered with ROI Consulting, Empire added IN-SYNCH integration to its Sage 100 system. This integration solution makes it easy to manage their expansive product catalog, tracking and monitoring online orders, updating inventory on their website and in their warehouse, and helping Empire ensure they are always prepared to fully cover a customer’s safety needs.


Ecommerce Rests Easy with IN-SYNCH®

Whether you’re dealing with critical safety equipment or selling basic office supplies, your ecommerce process must flow quickly and correctly, or you’ll lose customers, business, and money. With IN-SYNCH for Sage 100 integration, order information synchronizes immediately from your ecommerce platform to your Sage 100 system. Have multiple ecommerce sites, or third-party shopping carts? We can handle those, too.

See how IN-SYNCH can provide some safety and security to your internal ecommerce process. Contact ROI Consulting here or call 402-934-2223, 1.