By Ruth Richter • January 24, 2017

Blog|It’s Amazing – Integrate Sage, Reduce Data Entry Mistakes to Zero

When you integrate Sage into your existing shopping cart using IN-SYNCH, you do more than make your life easier. You also reduce costly mistakes.

No More Manual Entry Mistakes

Many companies operating without integration print or email information from their shopping carts to office personnel, who must manually type the information into their Sage system. No matter how good the typist, some data entry mistakes will occur. And that one mistake can easily throw off your inventory, budget, customer orders, and other important information.

That’s where having an integration software such as IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting can help. IN-SYNCH automatically synchronizes data from your shopping cart platform to your Sage ERP system. This method to integrate Sage skips tiresome and repetitive data entry. You no longer need to send shopping cart information to someone and wait for them to enter it into the system. Simply access your Sage system, and the data is there.

Time Saved Is Time Earned

Reducing data entry mistakes enhances productivity, as well as improves data for decisions. Instead of spending time rekeying data into the system, that time can be spent on other tasks. Time previously lost to tracking down missing data or finding data mistakes can now be spent on more productive tasks. When you integrate Sage, you gain quite a lot.

Handles Multiple Carts with Ease

Another benefit to using IN-SYNCH for Sage integration is that this system can handle multiple shopping carts with ease. If one portion of your e-commerce business uses Magento and another uses Shopify, Amazon, 3DCart, or Big Commerce, it’s no problem for IN-SYNCH. Multiple carts can be synchronized without data lags or security concerns.

The Three Pillars of Data for e-Commerce

Accuracy, security, and real-time integration are three elements that are vital to integrate Sage with your existing cart system. Without these three integration pillars, you’re likely to be disappointed in the results. Many systems promise all three but not all deliver. With IN-SYNCH, you have all three, combined with the flexibility of an integration with nearly any shopping cart system available.

Reducing data entry mistakes may not sound like a big improvement to make in your business. Yet one simple mistake can snowball into poor decisions, lax service, bloated inventory, and more. Reducing mistakes can enhance productivity and profitability throughout your e-commerce business.

IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting

ROI Consulting created IN-SYNCH to make Sage integration easier for their customers. This powerful application provides real-time synchronization from any web platform with Sage products. Sage customers using Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 ERP, Sage 100 and Sage 100 SQL from versions 3.71 to the latest, will find that IN-SYNCH works quickly and efficiently to realize their goals of accurate, real-time integration.

Turnaround time is a swift two weeks for most Sage integration projects. ROI Consulting has successfully integrated Sage using IN-SYNCH with almost all current website platforms. We can also help you with custom integrations.

Visit ROI Consulting or call (402) 934-2223 ext. 1 for more information about IN-SYNCH.