By Ruth Richter • December 22, 2016

Blog|Is 2017 the Year You Launch a New Webstore? Three Things You MUST Know

Sage Integration Is Easier When You Know This Right from the Start!

Is this the year you’ve vowed to launch your very first e-commerce platform? If you’re starting a webstore, these are the three things you absolutely MUST know right from the start to launch a great webstore. Sage integration can be part of your launch from the very start.

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Three Expert Webstore Startup Tips

Experience is the best teacher, but when you’re in business, it can be an expensive teacher. Learning from the mistakes of the past is a better way than trying something to see if it works. These three expert webstore startup tips will help you get your new e-commerce site up and running with the best infrastructure possible.

Tip #1: Look for Vendor flexibility to accommodate future growth.

Make sure your e-commerce platform and ERP systems are integrated but remain flexible for future growth. Some companies offer a rigid platform that includes web hosting, shopping cart, and payment gateways all in one. These systems are appealing because you pay the up front fees and they deliver your solution “turn-key.”  But, they may have limitations as your business grows.

When you are locked into one package, you cannot move your shopping cart easily from one platform to another, there is little vendor-flexibility with adding new shopping carts and portals as you expand your marketing efforts, and you could end up paying more for CC processing fees.  Plus, the on-going hosting fees are typically much higher than the market offers, with un-needed support bundled in.

IN-SYNCH offers Sage integration with popular carts like Magneto and Shopify and gives you the vendor-flexibility that your business needs. We also offer a “turn-key” B2B platform——which offers the fully integrated, Sage 100-optimized platform that you can plug-in to a Word Press website, your current website, or a powerful website and content management solution. As your business grows, you have a whole host of vendor-options, including acquiring other companies with different carts and using IN-SYNCH to integrate them with Sage. Scaling up or down is much easier and will meet your needs today and in the future.

Tip #2: Choose your vendor wisely.

Do your homework and research your vendor before signing a contract with them. Designing a new website has become a commodity; it’s the integration to your Sage 100 system that takes experience and the right technology.  Make sure that the vendor you choose has deep experience with Sage integration as well as with the e-commerce shopping cart system you are working with. Sage 100 integration with popular shopping platforms is best left in the hands of an experienced consultant with a deep commitment to customer service and ensuring client satisfaction.

At ROI Consulting, we’ve been assisting customers with Sage integration for almost 20 years. We have worked with countless carts, proprietary systems, intranets and more to develop low to no-maintenance solutions to complex integration projects. Experience counts when choosing your Sage integration vendor.

Tip #3: Increase your reach with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The greatest e-commerce website design won’t generate sales if your webstore can’t be found. Besides sending emails to your contacts and advertising in on-line industry publications, you should optimize your website for search engines such as Google and Bing. Many websites are delivered with an SEO plug-in and the work is left to your team who may have very little experience.

At ROI, we can help you achieve webstore ranking at the top of search results. Better exposure in search engines will lead to more webstore traffic and greater sales.

The ROI Consulting Advantage

ROI Consulting is the home of IN-SYNCH, a unique system we developed for Sage 100 integration with many popular shopping carts. Whether you need to integrate a popular cart such as Amazon, Magneto, Big Commerce or others with Sage 100 or you’re working with a lesser-known or custom built system, IN-SYNCH can help.

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