By Shane • March 24, 2016

Blog|Integration is Good. Integration Done Right is Better!

Sage 100 integrationIntegration is good. It allows you to help grow your business by eliminating error-prone manual processes, preventing islands of information that aren’t connected, and allows you to see data in real-time. Most businesses realize that integration is a necessity when their growth starts to outpace their current processes. Take for example, a company who started selling products on line via a webstore. These are often set up independent of the company accounting or ERP systems. But, as the business on that webstore picks up, the volume becomes unmanageable using current processes.

If that webstore data integrated directly to your Sage 100 system, imagine the impact that would have on your business.

The ecommerce webstore is just one example. It’s likely that as your business was busy growing, your first move was from a small accounting system like QuickBooks, to Sage 100. You may have added a standalone CRM system to replace a simple contact management program. As things progressed, you added inventory management, a shipping program and a whole lot of manual processes and spreadsheets to get the information from one department to another. Now imagine if all those systems were bridged together and flowed smoothly from one system to the other. That is good integration.

Integration done right, is even better. What if that integration process all happened right from the Sage 100 system you know and love? What if it looked like all those software islands had been built into Sage 100 from the beginning? Imagine how intuitive it would be to use. Training would be easier. Using the system would be intuitive. Your team members wouldn’t fight adding yet another solution. In fact, it would feel like all those islands had merged into one, easy to navigate, land mass.

The beauty of this concept, is that exists today, and has been used in over 500 integrations.

The IN-SYNCH application is so versatile. We have customers who are using it for multiple purposes. Take a look at this 60-second video for a snapshot of what IN-SYNCH can do and then contact us to discuss your integration needs today!