By Ruth Richter • February 07, 2017

Blog|Integrate Sage with a Customer Portal for Outstanding Service

Customer portals are a convenient way for companies to help their customers connect to their ecommerce platform the way that customers expect to connect: with full order histories, detailed information about their customer account information and credit limits, and other resources that make it easier to do business.

When you integrate Sage 100 with a customer portal, you can offer outstanding service that results in greater retention and higher sales.

Deeper Access to Your Sage Accounting System

No matter the scenario, you can establish greater customer service with a customer portal. Whether you are just launching your first webstore, switching to a new webstore, or just want to offer greater access to your Sage accounting and inventory system, IN-SYNCH can provide the data integration you require. Customer portals are highly customized to the customer and your accounting system. With IN-SYNCH and a customer portal, you can offer any information that exists in your Sage database to your customer. Portals are usually custom-configured; ROI Consulting can also show you a Sage 100 optimized site that comes with a standard interface.

Benefits You’ll See When You Integrate Sage to Your Customer Portal

When a company integrates their online customer portal with their ERP and other backend solutions, they not only save time and increase accuracy, they see increased efficiency in many areas, such as:

  • Full customer insight – Ordering history, and one-stop lookup for customer information
  • Increased repeat sales – Making it easy for customers to look up past orders and reorder items can increase repeat sales
  • Customer service delivery – Customer data can integrate seamlessly with Sage, helping your staff address issues faster; plus, online knowledge base can provide immediate, on-demand help
  • Increased sales and marketing – Sage integration can help your sales team determine current ordering needs and interests for up-sell and cross-sell purposes, easily place orders for customers, and help your marketing department develop targeted sales personas to increase lead generation

Your Sage Integration Partner Matters – More Than You’d Suspect

One of the most important steps in setting up a customer portal is to choose a data integration method. Without high quality data integration, data can be corrupt (which upsets your customers and can wreak havoc come tax time), and it also can create more work for your team. The right tool can ensure that all of your Sage accounting and inventory data that you wish to offer are available to the customer.

Effective data integration is simple to use, maps data to places that make sense, and helps your business improve production and operations while making better, faster decisions at critical times.

Using a tool like IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting ensures that the integration is accurate and gets your customer portal up faster.

This is why the partner you choose to integrate Sage matters. When talking to integration candidates, check on their overall understanding and experience with:

  • Sage 100 ERP
  • Customer portals
  • Complete data mapping

Trust the Experience of ROI Consulting

Since 1997, ROI Consulting has been helping Sage 100 (MAS 90) clients with their integration and customization options and we also invented the leading Sage integration option for ecommerce and online web stores. The ROI team understands the online world and your ERP, and we have the experience and know-how to deal with even the most difficult issues you face in integration.

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