By Shane • April 07, 2016

Blog|Synchronization: The Coordination of Events to Operate a System in Unison

Sage 100 Integration, IN-SYNCHWelcome to IN-SYNCHronization; a ROI e-publication for Sage 100 users, developers, partners, and others interested in website and software integration for Sage 100. As the name implies, we are all about streamlining processes by removing duplication of efforts through software and website integration. This integration results in the systems operating in unison, all from within the familiar surroundings of your Sage 100 system.

Systems operating with all their parts in synchrony are said to be synchronous or in sync. Are your systems IN-SYNCH? If not, please keep reading. In this issue we discuss:

Good Integration vs. Better Integration
How to identify the best Sage 100 integration tool for your needs?
Who is behind IN-SYNCH

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