By Ruth Richter • July 11, 2019

Blog|IN-SYNCH® Enhancements are Here!

With the release of Sage 100cloud, we are seeing more and more of our customers upgrade to Sage 100cloud 2018 and now, the new 2019 version. We are happy to report IN-SYNCH® 2019 is ready when you are! With both of these versions, we took the opportunity to add requested enhancements to the IN-SYNCH application. Please see the new features listed below.

New IN-SYNCH® features introduced with v2018 :

  1. Inbound processing is more user interactive with rejections from Sage 100.  Rejections from Sage during the inbound process will be logged in the IN-SYNCH activity log and will let the user leave the record in the queue to be retried or deleted.  The notification presented to the user is a description of the issue along with the messages from Sage.  The system logs any of these messages and will log what option was selected.
  2. Options running the IN-SYNCH manager.  The IN-SYNCH manager can be run for both inbound and outbound simultaneously or run for inbound and outbound separately.

Here are the new IN-SYNCH® 2019 features:

  1. Disable synched tables by a single table.  A ‘disabled’ checkbox is now available in the mapping maintenance to allow individual tables to stop synching.  This can be useful for troubleshooting and to temporarily stop a table from synching data in case the website needs to be updated or changed.
  2. Disable an entire ODBC connection.  A ‘disabled’ checkbox is now available in the DSN maintenance, which will allow all mappings for the ODBC connection to be turned off even though the mappings are in place.
  3. Detail level logging can be turned on and off for both inbound and outbound synchs.

When you are ready to schedule an IN-SYNCH upgrade, please contact Lorie Still at  With your email, please let her know what version is currently running (so we can verify our records), the new version, as well as the timing.  Also, keep in mind that customers with a modified version of IN-SYNCH may need additional programming to upgrade.