By Ruth Richter • October 18, 2017

Blog|IN-SYNCH Seamlessly Integrates Walmart Marketplace and Sage 100

Walmart’s stocks are soaring and it’s on-line business is running neck and neck with Amazon to become the global leader in on-line retail sales. Because of its incredibly broad, vast, and deep reach into nearly every household on the planet, vendors flock to the company to use its marketplace to fuel their e-commerce sales. A Walmart Marketplace integration can mean the difference between being in the black and seeing red.

ROI Consulting put our IN-SYNCH software to the test by using it for Walmart integration for several customers. These customers provide custom hardware and woodworking supplies, food storage and baking ingredients, and LED lighting for many uses. Although their products seem to be quite different, what they have in common is the need to organize hundreds of SKUs and integrate multiple e-commerce systems to better serve their customers.

IN-SYNCH was able to help and provide seamless integration. The result? Increased business, happier customers, and higher revenues. Now that’s a success!


Custom Service Hardware



Custom Service Hardware provides exceptional hardware, building, and woodworking supplies to customers worldwide. The company offers over 50,000 products through its e-commerce sites. Contractors, builders, and homeowners rely on Custom Service Hardware for unique, high-quality products and fast shipping.

The company takes a multi-pronged approach to e-commerce. They started out with a Magento store and sold their products on Amazon. Later, they added Walmart and eBay. Because IN-SYNCH can integrate all of these sites with Sage 100, Custom Service Hardware can seamlessly move product and order information throughout the system. This reliable, real-time approach helps the company build great customer relationships.





Honeyville Food Products is a leader in the ingredients and food storage industry. The company, founded in 1951, offers thousands of high-quality baking ingredients for home and commercial use. Staple food products including beans, peas, rice, flour, seeds, and other items including drink mixes, baking items, and gluten-free products make up its extensive catalog of available products.

Honeyville contacted ROI Consulting needing an integration solution that would allow them to combine an unlimited number of carts and marketplaces. This includes the Walmart Marketplace system. They chose IN-SYNCH for its reliability and flexibility. It also connected their e-commerce sites to their Sage 100 ERP system, providing better data and reports to improve business insights.

Now, the company’s leaders can see key financial milestones at a glance, manage orders, and ensure a secure shopping experience for their customers.



Maxxima lights up our lives—in thousands of ways, given the number of SKUs in their product catalog. The company sells LED headlights, taillights, and other LED lighting products.

When Maxxima needed an integration tool to assist with Walmart integration, they chose ROI Consulting’s IN-SYNCH product. IN-SYNCH enabled them to connect the several systems including Walmart, Magento, and Staples with real-time, bi-directional updates. The speed, flexibility, and accuracy of the integration enabled the company to continue providing exceptional products to customers worldwide. The continual flow of data has helped the company achieve many milestones and profitability goals.


ROI Consulting

IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting makes real-time data integration possible. IN-SYNCH is such a flexible system that it can accommodate many carts and it works well with many platforms and applications

ROI Consulting, home of IN-SYNCH, offers consulting and support for website integration with Sage 100. With over 20 years of experience, ROI Consulting understands the needs of Sage 100 clients and offers the right tools to support Sage Shopify integration.

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