By Ruth Richter • March 14, 2018

Blog|IN-SYNCH Puts Kitchenware a Cut Above

Whether you prefer classic, modern, or everyday looks, having the right dinnerware and tools in the kitchen can make all the difference between just making food and making memories. How you stock your kitchen makes a difference. No matter if you order direct from the manufacturer, buy third party from a distributor, or pick it up in a store, you’ll never see the behind the scenes work that goes into making sure each order is coordinated and delivered.

These three companies can attest to the power of having the right systems in place when fulfilling orders across the web and across the country. Arte Italica®, Everything Kitchens, and JB Prince don’t only have the kitchen in common, they also use IN-SYNCH by ROI Consulting.


Arte Italica

From the rich culture of Italy comes popular dinnerware Arte Italica. Founded in 1997, creator Ann Skidmore brought her love of Italy, art, and vintage pewter together into fine dinnerware and accessories. Arte Italica was the first to combine pewter and ceramic to create unique yet classic designs in the Tuscan Collection, which has remained one of the best-selling lines. Each collection is different, yet fuses together to offer effortless versatility and creativity.

Available both online and at fine retail selections across the U.S. and Canada, Arte Italica keeps its Magento shopping cart showing up to date accounting status using IN-SYNCH’s real-time integration. With software that keeps orders flowing on time no matter the source, Arte Italica is freed up to focus on creating the beautiful dinnerware they are most known for.


Everything Kitchens

Originally started as an online-only store, Everything Kitchens is committed to offering the best prices on more than two hundred top kitchenware brands—including KitchenAid, Cuisinart, and Waring—and over 13,000 products. Everything Kitchens added a retail location in Springfield, Missouri, while continuing to take orders via online, mail, phone, and even fax.

With more than 50,000 square feet of warehouse and retail space, Everything Kitchens has a lot to keep organized. So, they use IN-SYNCH, integrated with their Magento shopping cart, to keep it all organized and make sure the right orders get to the right places, no matter where they originated from.


JB Prince

Tucked among fine carpet stores in New York, JB Prince is a family-run business launched in 1976 that specializes in the best chefs’ tools available. Primarily a restaurant supplier, JB Prince welcomes both professional and amateur cooks to peruse the merchandise and stock their kitchens with top quality pieces that are still affordable.

JB Prince imports fine kitchenware from all over the world, and the warehouse often boasts pallets from Europe and Japan. Each piece is available both in store and online, for those who can’t make a quick trip to New York. IN-SYNCH keeps all that data flowing instantly to Sage 100 ERP to better manage order processing and customer service.


Moving Kitchenware from the Cart to the Kitchen

Data doesn’t know if you’re Bobby Flay or a home baker making cupcakes for a birthday party. What’s important is that kitchenware orders and data flow freely between systems so that every cook and baker can have exactly what they need when they need it.

If your customer information is feeling half-baked, maybe it’s time to get it IN-SYNCH. Contact ROI Consulting today or call us at 402-934-2223, ext. 1.