By Ruth Richter • October 30, 2019

Blog|Hunting for Sage 100 Integration: 3 Firearms Companies Shoot for Success

Despite declining popularity, hunting is still a much-enjoyed sport by 15 million people in the United States. In fact, the sport actually contributes funding for wildlife conservation: Money from hunting license fees and taxes on relevant equipment provide more than half of the funding for state wildlife agencies. This funding program design has helped restore the populations of some North American game that had been hunted nearly to extinction.

With many hunting seasons now open across the country, hunters are gearing up for weekends spent in deer stands and duck blinds. Like all of us, hunters like the ease of online shopping for their hunting supplies. These three ecommerce sites use that convenience to their advantage, implementing impressive Sage integrations to improve customer experience and revenue.


ATI Outdoors

Headquartered in Wisconsin, ATI Outdoors is a top manufacturer of rifle stocks, shotgun stocks, and accessories for a wide variety of firearms. Their quality and commitment are well known to hunters and collectors, as well as military and law enforcement. ATI offers an Easy to Customize (ETC) package, designing every new part to be compatible with existing products. This allows customers to enhance or modify their current gunstock without having to replace any obsolete parts. Customers can upgrade according to their needs and budget at any time, providing a lifetime of quality gunstock customization.

This ETC package is great for customers and for business, but certainly adds complexity to their ecommerce site. ATI recently launched a new ecommerce platform on WooCommerce—and they use third-party logistics (3PL) to fulfill orders. In order to streamline the order process with Sage 100cloud as the master, ATI relies on IN-SYNCH® by ROI.

Black Powder Products, Inc. – BPI Outdoors

Some hunters may not have heard of BPI Outdoors, but chances are they’ve heard of this parent company’s successful hunting brands: CVA®, POWERBELT®, QUAKE®, DURSIGHT™, and BERGARA™. Founded in 1999, BPI immediately acquired the CVA brand, and through other acquisitions, grew to be the number-one selling muzzle-loading gun brand in the United States. In 2015, BPI partnered with Sound Moderation Technologies LLC to launch a line of silencers as well.

With so many brands under one roof, BPI must manage multiple ecommerce sites through their Magento 2 platform. Each brand has its own specifications and, while the products maybe be sold on various ecommerce sites, the company itself is in Georgia. Keeping sales flowing properly between multiple brands, one physical location, and a corporate office, Sage 100 ERP is a job for IN-SYNCH integration software. With IN-SYNCH’s ability to integrate any number of ecommerce sites and even third-party shopping carts, BPI can confidently add as many more brands as they’d like, knowing that their IN-SYNCH integration will grow with them.


Crimson Trace

Laser sight and tactical light industry leader Crimson Trace relentlessly pursues perfection in their product lines, because the lives of their users may depend on it. Customers, including the US Armed Forces, federal, state, and local law enforcement, private security officers, sportsmen, and more use Crimson Trace weapon-mounted laser sighting and tactical lighting systems in the moments that matter most. In their 25-year history, Crimson Trace has shipped more than 2 million products to firearm owners across the country.

Getting these products out across the country from its headquarters in Oregon takes having exactly the right systems in place. Fortunately, Crimson Trace integrated their Magento ecommerce platform with their Sage 100 ERP through IN-SYNCH by ROI. This integration keeps information flowing lightning fast between website and warehouse so Crimson Trace can remain laser focused on keeping the best products possible available on the market for their customers.


Open Season on Integration

Whether you’re a hunting enthusiast or not, there’s no denying the importance of having the right products available to the right customers at the right time. It doesn’t matter if you’re integrating an existing website, a brand new one, or a third-party shopping cart—or maybe all three! —Sage 100 integration via IN-SYNCH will simplify your business with real-time synchronization that is lightning fast, secure, independent, flexible, and scalable.

If your current setup doesn’t allow those same benefits, it might be time to look at integrating with Sage 100. From simple integrations to complex or custom integrations, ROI has the expertise you need to get connected. Talk to one of our experts now.