By Ruth Richter • April 10, 2019

Blog|How to Prep Your Ecommerce for the Arrival of 5G

When most of us hear the phrase “5G,” we’re likely to think of cell phones. Faster speeds, clearer calls, and of course, the need to purchase a new phone in order to get all these perks. But this fifth generation (as in, 5G) of mobile network technology has a wider impact than increasing our ability to watch cat videos on the go without buffering issues. 5G will have a big impact on—you guessed it—ecommerce.

More Access Via Mobile

If 5G rolls out as expected with major telecom companies, it has the potential to grow ecommerce revenue by $12 billion within the next 2-3 years. In 2018, nearly 40 percent of all ecommerce sales came from a mobile device. That could jump as high as 54% by 2021. With 5G making the internet more accessible with faster response time, more customers will browse on mobile than ever before, shopping seamlessly from websites and apps alike.

Try It Before You Buy It

5G increases the opportunity for customers to try products before they buy them, but not in the way you might think: Virtual reality and augmented reality give customers the option to “see” products in their homes and offices using the camera on their smartphone. Or, as some retailers are already piloting, take a virtual walk through a store or staged room and simply tap an item to learn more and add it to your cart. What is a novel yet slightly clunky experience now could become the instantaneous and seamless browsing method of the future.

Smarter AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) already provides ecommerce with tools such as chatbots and virtual personal assistants for customer service. With 5G on the scene, connection to these tools will be even faster, minimizing wait time for customers and resulting in a more positive experience. The more satisfied the customer, the more likely they are to stay on the site and purchase, especially if the AI can provide accurate—and fast—recommendations and answers.

Get Ready for 5G with ROI and IN-SYNCH®

5G technology will impact all this and more. With more online purchases, faster order creation and fulfillment, and more data to track, you’ll want to get systems in place before 5G truly goes mainstream so that you are already prepared to manage the data its boost will generate. IN-SYNCH by ROI Consulting is already a lightning-fast, bi-directional integration tool that keeps your ecommerce site and other third-party carts communicating with your Sage 100cloud ERP system, WMS system, and others. Getting these technologies on 5G will only increase the speed and efficiency of this integration communication. Knowing that orders, inventory, shipping, tracking information, and more is all automatically funneled across all necessary systems through IN-SYNCH integration means you can rest confidently knowing that your business is already prepared for the ecommerce boom fueled by 5G access.

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