By Ruth Richter • March 23, 2018

Blog|How the Internet Is Changing Your Business

Sage e-commerce integrationFrom Sage e-commerce integration to a reliance on technology, the internet has changed how, where, and why we run our businesses.

The growth of the internet has changed not just where we transact business, but also why and how. From startups developed solely distributing online to companies with employees who have never met in person, the internet has revolutionized the business world.

This is most apparent in the world of e-commerce. Years ago, people were limited to their local shops, catalogs, and handiwork to satisfy their urge for new goods. Today, the world is at your fingertips. You can order silk scarves directly from China, Sari fabric from India, and a wool sweater from Scotland without leaving your desk. Your computer connects you to a world of goods beyond our ancestors’ wildest imaginations.

The need for adaptable, enhanced e-commerce data has made Sage e-commerce integration essential for many businesses. The internet has shaped the world of e-commerce and Sage e-commerce integration supports this ever-changing world.

Savvy Consumers

Consumers are now empowered with more information than ever before. They can comparison shop, price shop, and research products well before they make the decision to buy them.

It’s not just price shopping and researching features of a product that brings consumers online. Online reviews continue to grow in importance. People want to read what others like themselves have to say about a company and its products. Candid reviews found on sites such as Amazon, Yelp, and Google My Business have replaced neighbors talking over the back fence to find the best local plumber, grocery store, or bakery.

Higher Customer Expectations

Along with greater online data and shopping available, consumers also expect more. They expect to be able to easily scroll through an e-commerce website whether they are on their computer, tablet, or phone. Product images need to be attractive and often they need more than one image. Consumers also expect to be able to order products and track them online.

When businesses don’t meet customer expectations, they are quick to share their frustrations through social media. It provides an outlet through which customers can vent their unhappiness or share praise for your products, services, or brand. To mitigate negative feedback, businesses are spending more on providing great customer service through multiple channels, including online (sometimes through chatbots), email, and phone.

Sage e-Commerce Integration for the Future

As you can see, the internet has changed how businesses work in many ways. Retail has become more price sensitive. Customers crave information before making a purchase. They also crave the new, unique and unusual because they can satisfy their shopping appetites from anywhere in the world.

Through it all, one thing remains the same—the need for data to fuel a company’s retail business. That data can come from many places now. Sage e-commerce integration ensures that shopping cart or web platform data can be used in conjunction with the multiple data feeds flowing through your Sage ERP system.

IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting is an easy, streamlined, and effective way to accomplish Sage e-commerce integration. The more things change, the more one fact remains the same—your business needs reliable integration with its Sage products. And that comes from IN-SYNCH.

ROI Consulting

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