By Ruth Richter • June 13, 2017

Adobe Commerce (Magento)|How Can I Integrate Sage & Magento 2?

Since the release of Magento 2 in 2015, user adoption has been going up—albeit at a slow pace. The all-new Magento 2 platform offers a lot of benefits users have been asking for, but since it’s literally an all-new platform with entirely new code, we’ll just say the migration process can … leave a lot to be desired.

Lucky for you, it’s easy to integrate your Sage & Magento 2 systems when you put ROI Consulting on the task. Learn more about the Magento makeover and your integration options in today’s post.

Magento 2 Offers Many Previously Missing Features

Magento 1 made news and developed a strong fan base when it originally hit the market. This was because, as an open-source eCommerce platform, Magento made it possible for even smaller stores to maintain a gorgeous online web-store presence.

Though it usually took a skilled developer to originally design the storefront, the back-end management could be accomplished by a not-so-techie business owner, which was a game-changing freedom at the time.

Unfortunately, there were a few main complaints about Magento. Namely, that it featured:

  • Slow page loading times that were neither customer friendly nor SEO friendly
  • Cumbersome admin tools with a steep learning curve
  • A decided lack of mobile-responsive design capabilities
  • Missing functionality in rather obvious areas, such as payment-gateway integration

The new release of Magento 2 addresses all these feature gaps, providing the Magento flexibility merchants rely on, combined with strong, user-friendly tools that make managing your Magento store easier:

  • 50% faster page load and cache times
  • Consumer-like look and feel for new admin tools, including touchscreen-ready admin management and drag-and-drop (WYSIWYG) page-building tools
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Greater deployment options for public or private cloud
  • Turnkey functionality
  • Out-of-the-box payment-gateway integrations with PCI compliance help
  • Streamlined customer checkout process
  • Increased API capabilities to connect to many more third-party apps

That’s a lot of great enhancement and it seems like everyone should be racing to upgrade … but there’s a reason why upgrades have been slow.

There’s No Migration Path to Magento 2

In order to address customer needs with an impressive new system, Magento started from the ground up. They actually built a whole new system with brand new code.

In other words: There is no upgrade, customers will need to completely rebuild a new store, along with new integration and new extensions.

The good news is that Magento has built a data migration tool, so at least you shouldn’t have to rekey all your product info into your new build, you’ll just have to build your new, even prettier site, recreate your customizations and extensions, and then port your data over.

Time is of the essence, because Magento 1 will sunset on November 18, 2018—meaning you only have a year and a half to build that new store and set up all your new integration.

Great News! It’s Not Hard to Connect Your Sage & Magento 2 Systems!

Though Magento certainly hasn’t ensured the easiest migration process for your store, we at ROI Consulting can ensure the easiest reconnection between your Sage & Magento systems. Even so, if you are migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, your Sage 100 data integration will need an update.

Get the shopping-cart integration experts at ROI Consulting on the case so you can:

  • Seamlessly sync up Sage 100 with Magento 2
  • Enjoy reduced or eliminated data entry
  • Process orders faster
  • View real-time inventory and order updates

There is one—there currently is no current compatibility between Magento 2 and Sage Payments Solutions.  There is, however, a “work around” to address this.

From what we understand from SPS, you will need a “gateway only” account with The gateway is just the in-between piece between the processor and Magento.  Once you are signed up, you put in the request to Sage Support to add the gateway on their end and get the process connected between and Sage Payments.

Make Your Magento 2 Upgrade Process Easier with ROI Consulting

Since 1997, ROI Consulting has been helping Sage 100 clients with their integration and customization options, and we also invented the leading Sage & Magento integration option. The ROI team understands the code behind the latest Magento 2 update and we also understand your ERP. We have the experience to handle even the most difficult issues you face in integration so that your upgrade can be worry free.

Get more information when you contact ROI Consulting online, or call us at 402-934-2223, ext. 1.