By Ruth Richter • September 18, 2019

Blog|How 3 Printer Supply Companies Leverage IN-SYNCH to Print Success

Despite the many predictions of moving to a paperless society, printing documents is still a common—and sometimes vital—practice in the workplace. In fact, the average office worker prints an average of 10,000 pages per year. This all adds up, with office printing averaging up to 3 percent of an organization’s revenue spend.

While some statistics claim that the vast majority of businesses do not track what they’re spending on office printing, there are many who keep tabs on every part and piece involved in their printing needs. With more than 60,000 different supply part numbers in the market, ranging from laser printers to inkjet, these printer part suppliers know exactly how important it is to be able to find the part you need at the best price to keep your office printing running smoothly. Check out how these three companies have used ROI Consulting to boost their own workflows so they can better empower your every printing need.

Liberty Parts Team

IN-SYNCH Sage 100 integrationFounded in 2004, Liberty Parts Team (LPT) is a wholesale printer parts supplier focused on HP LaserJet and Lexmark. Parts are available in many options, including OEM, remanufactured, third party, equal-to-new, and second source. Liberty Parts Team also stocks some parts for HP DesignJet, Oki, and Samsung printers, and is the largest remanufacturer of laser printers and parts in the United States.

All those part options are fantastic for customers, especially those on a budget or looking for hard-to-find parts. But stocking the same part in several different options can be a challenge for stock, pricing, and even order fulfillment. Fortunately, Liberty Parts Team decided to work in concert with ROI Consulting to use IN-SYNCH Sage 100 integration for keeping their products inside the lines. With IN-SYNCH’s bi-directional, lightning fast information integration, their inventory is constantly updated, pricing is accurately reflected on the ecommerce store, and both customers and the experts at Liberty Parts Team can be sure that the right part is getting to the right place in the right format.

Laser Express, Inc.

Sage 100 integration via IN-SYNCHIn the heart of Texas, Laser Express, Inc. makes it their mission to be the number one most trusted remanufacturer of equipment, parts, accessories, and supplies to resellers, distributors, and service organizations in the imaging industry. Their setup allows maximum flexibility in tailoring products and services to custom orders and specialty services. And it’s been successful, too: Laser Express, Inc. is opening a state-of-the-art facility in Wisconsin to expand its ability to meet customer needs.

With multiple locations and product lines, Laser Express, Inc. needs to know its systems are all talking to each other so that no matter where the customer is, what they need, and where it’s shipping from, it’s a seamless experience from first click to front porch delivery. From special shipping programs to tailored products, their Sage 100 integration via IN-SYNCH makes it easy to customize and personalize the order experience for every customer.

Royal Imaging International

Sage 100 Integration IN-SYNCHFor the last 40 years, Royal Imaging International has pioneered the printer and copier supply industry. Working exclusively through channel partners, Royal Imaging International provides comprehensive solutions, real-time friendly service, and innovations that set them apart. With a mix of OEM, compatible, and remanufactured supplies for copiers, fax machines, laser and inkjet printers and even dot-matrix ribbons, on top of two distribution centers, if Royal Imaging International can’t find the part you need, it might not exist.

Delivering on all this requires the right information integration. That’s where IN-SYNCH comes in. Connecting their ecommerce site to their Sage 100 system, IN-SYNCH keeps the right information flowing the right way to the right places. Their two distribution centers mean orders can be shipped quickly, but they can’t ship without the proper information. IN-SYNCH’s integration triggers everything from picking and packing from the closest distribution center to tracking numbers and shipping labels, all through passing information between the ecommerce site and Sage 100.

Keep Your Office Running Smoothly With ROI Consulting

IN-SYNCH integration improved ecommerce processes so much for these three printer supply companies that they might feel it’s as easy as printing money! IN-SYNCH offers all levels of integration, from the most basic to custom integrations across multiple ecommerce sites, third-party carts, and other data sources.

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