By Ruth Richter • January 03, 2017

Blog|Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise with Sage 100 e-Commerce Integration

Sage 100 e-commerce integration helped these three customers’ webstores stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. These three leading health products and services companies all faced similar challenges: integrating their website shopping carts with Sage 100. IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting made integration much easier for all three, leading to improved business systems and enhanced profits. So plan to make your company wealthy and be wise with this healthy addition to your business plan in the New Year!  And while you are at it—take a look at these great products as you start off the New Year with health-minded resolutions.

Vital Nutrients

Vital Nutrients is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements. Their products are well-known for quality and adherence to the highest manufacturing standards. Supplements produced by Vital Nutrients are sold through health practitioners nationwide to support the goals of athletes and others to achieve vibrant good health. Vital Nutrients has a rigorous quality assurance system in place to ensure consistent quality and potency.

Sage 100 e-commerce integration was high on the company’s list of goals to improve internal processes and expand their on-line and marketplace presence. The original integration between Sage 100 and Magento launched in early 2015 and went so smoothly that ROI Consulting returned to integrate a second Magento store. Bi-directional synchronization is now the order of the day at The company’s adherence to high standards has made them known as the Leader in Quality Assurance—and these high standards extend to making the shopping experience a great one.

Bragg Live Foods

To those seeking a healthier lifestyle, the name “Bragg” is a household name. Bragg Live Foods has been helping individuals live healthier, more vibrant lives for over 100 years. Since 1912, the company has produced a wide range of nutritional supplements and ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. In fact, the owners at ROI Consulting make the Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar a daily staple, it’s great for detoxing.  Check it out at!

When we met the Bragg team back in 2009, they were searching to enhance the shopping experience. This meant integrating their Sage 100 accounting system with their Zen Cart-based website. The company has been satisfied with their integrated shopping cart and ERP integration, giving their shoppers a shopping experience boost, to match the boost their wonderful products make to one’s health. Likewise, the accounting staff are able to focus on bank reconciliations and month-end activities versus data entry.  It’s a win-win-win!

Kerstin Florian USA

Kerstin Florian USA provides products and treatments to the spa industry. Their emphasis on healthy, balanced, and holistic living is much-needed in today’s stressful times. Their face and body treatments are much beloved by spa aficionados nationwide. Skincare, body care, and other luxurious products make people look and feel beautiful.

The company wanted to make their products more widely accessible to their customers and chose to build an online Magento webstore for this purpose. To make sure that their online store, located at, was synchronized with Sage 100, the company returned to ROI Consulting to repurpose their IN-SYNCH module for their Sage 100 e-commerce integration. Within a few short weeks, IN-SYNCH was at work providing real-time, accurate data integration to the new Magento e-commerce site, the product of choice for exceptional data delivery. The company’s webstore launch didn’t miss a beat because it has the data it needs to build sales nationwide and focus on creating and catapulting the sales of the beauty products they are known for.

Next was the launching of the Amazon store to make their products more available to the marketplace. ROI was there to make sure the integration was in place, enabling a smooth and successful launch.

IN-SYNCH: Sage 100’s e-Commerce Integration Solution of Choice

It’s a New Year. Why not make your business goals come true with better data integration? Sage 100 e-commerce integration can transform your decision-making by providing real-time, bidirectional data from your e-commerce shopping cart system. Sage 100 integration is easier and faster with the right tools. Make your resolution for better business decisions come true through Sage 100 e-commerce integration.

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