By Ruth Richter • August 29, 2017

Blog|Fully Integrated, Sage 100 Optimized, Clearnine E-commerce Solution

If you need a B2B customer portal, a B2C ecommerce solution, or any other Sage 100 custom website solution, Clearnine can do it all! IN-SYNCH is built in allowing a very robust integration with Sage 100.

Built with Sage 100 Integration in Mind

Clearnine was developed with Sage 100 integration in mind. It is an e-commerce shopping cart system that offers flexibility, robust inventory management and pricing features that blend the best of Sage 100 with an online cart that supports both B2B and B2C sales.

Sage Integration Means Maximizing Resources

If you’re currently using a separate shopping cart system from Sage 100, you know that it can be time consuming to import data into Sage. Running queries, exporting data from your shopping cart system, then uploading it into Sage 100 can be a resource hog.

With Clearnine, there’s just one database supporting both systems. Sage and the Clearnine system can draw directly on the shared data. Orders automatically flow into Sales Order Entry, the selected catalog items are available to the shoppers, even internal sales people can view the catalog and add new orders to the system. Clearnine securely opens up selected Sage 100 data to the internet and saves the precious time of staff and customers alike.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Sage integration with Clearnine results in greater customer satisfaction. Customers can access their orders anytime thanks to the centralized database and seamless integration with Sage. Tracking information and updates are automatically sent to the customer which improves communication. And, even if Sage 100 is down, orders can still be placed online for 24/7 service. Clearnine and Sage integration makes customers happy through better service.

Great Support for B2B eCommerce

Another benefit of Sage 100 and Clearnine integration is the excellent support it provides for B2B ecommerce. B2B websites often require more complex pricing models. Wholesale and retail customers view different prices, and orders must reflect accurate prices, depending on how customers log into the site.

Another benefit of Clearnine and Sage integration is the ease with which catalog pages can be imported into your website. A simple structure, breadcrumb trails, and other features provide a clear roadmap through your website for customers.

Inventory displays include short, medium, and long descriptions, along with displays of the actual quantity on hand to provide up to the minute information to potential customers. For B2B customers, this is an important feature. If you sell raw materials, supplies, or parts, for example, your wholesale customers need to know if you have items in stock before they, in turn, reach out to their customers to update them on the status of their orders. Plumbing supply companies, electrical suppliers, wholesale florists, and more can provide better customer service and communication to their own clients thanks to Sage integration with Clearnine and the accurate, timely information shown on websites using these resources.

Get Clear on Clearnine and Sage Integration

You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our long list of satisfied Clearnine and IN-SYNCH customers. ROI Consulting matches ecommerce businesses with solutions that boost sales, improve service, and enhance ordering information. We offer Clearnine and Sage integrations and are the home of IN-SYNCH, which can synchronize data across multiple ecommerce platforms. Contact us today or call 402-934-2223 x1.