By Shane • May 12, 2016

Blog|Experience Matters During Sage 100 E-Commerce Integration

Integrating your existing website with Sage 100 offers a significant opportunity to collect and use data efficiently and quickly. Yet much can go wrong with the integration process, especially if you are using an inexperienced vendor.  Integration between your current website and Sage 100 is one area where e-commerce integration “experience matters” to the successful outcome of your project.

ROI Consulting, Inc. developed IN-SYNCH to offer Sage 100 clients an exceptional resource to synchronize Sage 100 with any third-party software. Within our first year of business, we saw the need to assist customers with Sage 100 integrations. To date, we have successfully completed hundreds of integrations to the satisfaction of our customers and their Sage partners.

3 Reasons Why Experience Matters

Here are three reasons why choosing an experienced vendor is of paramount importance during Sage 100 e-commerce integration:

  1. Prevents problems: Although products such as IN-SYNCH can connect Sage 100 and any potential database application, an experienced vendor who has worked with many other systems throughout the year can anticipate potential problems and offer solutions ahead of time. This helps ensure that your integration runs smoothly and that the data collected from day one is securely transmitted and accurate.
  2. Clear, focused project timelines: Experienced developers know that project timelines are essential for the success of software integration projects. The more experience your integration partner has, the better the project plan they can forecast. Such project plans prevent open-ended issues from remaining unsolved, allocate resources effectively, and provide realistic estimates of resource needs. All of this goes into a project plan you can trust.
  3. Accurate budget forecasting: Experience counts when it comes to forecasting the cost of an integration project. The more experience your software vendor has, the more accurately they will be able to forecast the cost and more. Because they have handled so many projects in the past, they know what to expect and can anticipate project needs well in advance of the implementation deadline. Experienced vendors lead to fewer surprises.

Finding an Experienced Sage 100 E-Commerce Integration Vendor

Not every vendor touting Sage 100 e-commerce integration can successfully synchronize your website data to Sage products. It takes a vendor with experience working with both website data and Sage products to complete this task efficiently.

Website shopping carts, data applications and more may not want to “talk” with your new software. Resolving these problems takes a seasoned team of developers who understand not just how software works, but how it works to help your business remain competitive.

Accurate and timely data from your website and shopping cart can help you improve customer service. It can help your company reduce costs by helping you avoid over-estimating product reordering needs.  Smooth integration between systems also saves you a great deal of worry over whether or not you need to run data reports. When such data feeds are automatic and behind the scenes, you can focus on what’s important to you-using data to generate new and effective business strategies to boost sales and revenues.

Because we have decades of experience developing software and integrating Sage products for our customers, we understand the many challenges businesses face when integrating software into third-party applications. In fact, ROI Consulting’s experience extends to previous versions of Sage 100—including Sage MAS 90 ERP and Sage MAS 200 ERP.

We know the importance of timely, accurate data, of seamless data integration, and good communications with partners and vendors. Our reference list and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau attests to our dedication to customer satisfaction and excellent service.

We invite you to contact ROI Consulting today to learn more about IN-SYNCH. Please call us at (402) 934-2223 ext. 1 to discuss your needs with an experienced consultant.