By Ruth Richter • August 22, 2018

Blog|Everything You Need for a Staycation

These Ecommerce Businesses Stay Connected

ecommerce businessDespite not gaining popularity until 2008, usage of the term “staycation”—a clever combination of “stay” and “vacation”—actually dates back to the 1940s. But what once was synonymous with a tight budget and bad economy forcing families to dial back on extravagant summer travel has now become just another option on how to spend those precious vacation days. After all, few things are better than waking up in your own bed and not having to take your shoes off for TSA.

If you’re planning a staycation any time in the near future, you may want to check out some of these retailers. As ROI Consulting customers, they know the value of using integration in their ecommerce business, making their processes more efficient. And less time in the office certainly means more time at home—perhaps even with a mini staycation on the horizon!

Hearth Products Controls

Hearth Product ControlsAs the air grows crisper in autumn, the idea of gathering around a fire sounds better and better. Hearth Products Controls has been helping families and businesses select and install the perfect fire pit solution since 1975. Whether indoor or outdoor, HPC’s legacy of CSA-certified technology means consumers can be confident in the level of quality and safety of their fireplace.

HPC’s ecommerce business has been growing steadily, making automation a top priority for the organization. Customers can easily find the exact products to meet their needs using HPC’s online fire pit selector tool. This guided questionnaire directs web users to the best product for their needs. To achieve high efficiency, HPC selected ROI’s integration specialists to connect their Sage 100 system for full integration and customization.


ONEHOPE WINESWhat goes better with a fire pit during your staycation than wine? With the help of ONEHOPE, wine connoisseurs of all levels can indulge in good wines while doing good: ONEHOPE donates portions of its proceeds to worthy causes. To date, they have contributed more than $3 million, giving health care to 46,000 people, homes to more than 53,000 shelter animals, 1.8 million means to kids in need, 163,000 vital vaccinations, and so much more.

Their ecommerce site is ONEHOPE’s newest venture, and they knew they needed to keep it connected so that the wine could flow uninterrupted. Using IN-SYNCH by ROI Consulting, ONEHOPE was able to quickly and easily integrate their Sage 100 ERP with both their ecommerce site and Ship Junction, a carrier management platform. ONEHOPE’s goal is to help customers be part of something bigger. And with ROI Consulting and IN-SYNCH, ONEHOPE can be.

Loll Designs

loll designsWith your fire pit lit up and wine in hand, the only other thing you’ll need to make your staycation evening a success is somewhere to sit. Minnesota-based Loll Designs creates durable all-weather furniture and accessories from recycled plastic, all for the “modern lollygagger.”

Once you see a comfortable seat, you want to sit in it right away, and Loll Designs is no different. They knew the importance of getting their ecommerce and business systems integrated as quickly as possible. With the help of IN-SYNCH, Loll Designs quickly looped together their Sage 100 ERP and WooCommerce ecommerce platform to ensure the most comfortable shopping and fulfillment experience.

Real-time Synchronization with IN-SYNCH

ROI Consulting has been helping businesses implement and incorporate Sage 100 and the IN-SYNCH integration solution for 20 years. And we’re not about to put our feet up now. Let us help you integrate your ecommerce solutions to your Sage 100 ERP so that you can relax and enjoy your staycation. Find out how IN-SYNCH can connect your systems now. Contact us online or call us at 402-934-2223, ext. 1.