By Ruth Richter • August 02, 2017

Blog|eCommerce Success with WooCommerce and IN-SYNCH

Getting started selling online is easy with WooCommerce. WooCommerce plugs into a WordPress website and creates a very robust ecommerce solution. However, while starting is not terribly difficult, if the website is successful, it can get difficult to manage the order-entry. Smart companies using WooCommerce, such as Performance Brands Inc., 1UP USA, and Arrow Hockey and Sport maintain their eCommerce sales and order fulfillment using IN-SYNCH, the fast, flexible Sage 100 integration software from ROI Consulting.

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WooCommercePerformance Brands, Inc. Manages Multiple WooCommerce Stores with IN-SYNCH


Since 1987, Performance Brands, Inc. has provided some of the world’s finest sunless tanning, hair care, and fitness products to a wide-range of specialty retailers addressing the needs of fitness and hairstyle professionals. Their offerings include a total of eight product lines to meet their customers’ varied needs: Pro Tan, Rump Wrapps, SteelFit, Selfie Tan’n Go Sunless, Six9 HairCare, Pure Brazilian, Stylist Sprayers, and Sport Mist’r.

With such a wide range of products, customers, and WooCommerce stores, Performance Brands is required to make sure that their order-entry data is always accurate. They can’t waste their time on possibly error-prone duplicate data entry. To meet those exacting needs, Performance Brands uses IN-SYNCH from ROI to integrate their Sage 100 accounting data with all their WooCommerce platforms. This helps them maintain strong customer service, fast delivery, and accurate orders for their satisfied customers.


WooCommerce 1UP USA Keeps Business Rolling Along with WooCommerce/Sage 100 Integration


Offering award-winning bicycling products that have been 100% made in the USA since 2000, 1UP USA is a small manufacturer located in Wisconsin with a WooCommerce store that’s their main vehicle of selling directly to their customers. Offering bicycling products, including bike racks, bike trainers (stationary and rollers), accessories, bike locks, and bike apparel, 1UP USA builds their business on delivering the highest quality, self-manufactured products and unbeatable service to their loyal customers.

Part of ensuring the flawless service 1UP USA is known for comes from having real-time, 100% accurate insight into their online orders from their WooCommerce platform. They achieve this level of visibility by leveraging ROI Consulting’s deep integration experience that stretches back nearly two decades and covers more than 500 customers (and counting!). This experience and the great integration from IN-SYNCH helps 1UP USA connect up their Sage 100 system with the popular eCommerce solution—seamlessly.


WooCommerce Arrow Hockey and Sport Scores Ongoing Business Success with Integration


For the past 35 years, Arrow Hockey and Sport has been a trusted distributor of wholesale hockey equipment and accessories to pro shops and sporting goods stores throughout the U.S.A. Offering a wide range of items in their wholesale distributor catalog, including CCM, Reebok, Bauer, Easton, Warrior, and Blademaster, they also partner with HD Sports North America to serve as the exclusive distributor of MK and John Wilson figure skate blades in North America.

Arrow’s 30,000-square-foot store located just outside of Boston promises three-day delivery anywhere in the U.S. which means they need to move fast to ship orders around the clock. To accomplish this, Arrow uses WooCommerce integrated with their Sage 100 accounting ERP, all brought together with the seamless bi-directional, real-time sync provided by leading integration company ROI Consulting.


Connect WooCommerce with Your Sage 100 System for Fast, Easy Sales

WooCommerce makes online selling easy with your WordPress platform, and IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting makes order fulfillment for those online orders easier and faster than ever before. Trust IN-SYNCH for your eCommerce integration needs when you require error-free, seamless integration from a company with nearly 20 years’ worth of Sage 100 integration experience.

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