By Ruth Richter • August 18, 2016

Blog|Consider Sage 100 Integration Before You Need It: Start with the Right Tools

Sage 100 integrationSage 100 Integration Benefits

Instead of shopping for an all-in-one package, think about using a flexible solution such as IN-SYNCH and the shopping platform of your choice. Our solution brings you the best of all possible worlds. You’ll benefit from the powerful and scalable solution that IN-SYNCH offers, while still able to choose the best shopping cart and platform for your company’s ecommerce needs.

What about Multiple Carts?

If your business has grown into multiple ecommerce sites, or you’ve acquired another company that uses a different cart system, IN-SYNCH can help. You can integrate many different carts with Sage 100, creating a unified, consistent and cohesive data-based picture of your business. Instead of changing all the websites’ carts, integrate them!

One of the great things about IN-SYNCH is the many carts with which it can integrate. Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and dozens more are no problem for this tool. It integrates easily with these and many others.

Flexible Solutions Encourage Growth and Change

When you’re locked into an all-encompassing package that includes hosting, shopping cart, and other processes, it may not be able to expand and grow along with your business. Then you’re forced into migrating to a new solution or, like many of our customers, coming to ROI to install IN-SYNCH to enable your expansion to new carts and channels.  Why not just start with IN-SYNCH first?

A flexible solution, IN-SYNCH can make your transition and adding a new ecommerce platform easier. With IN-SYNCH, you can switch providers without disrupting your business. ROI Consulting can make the process easy for your business.

ROI Consulting: When Experience Matters

At ROI Consulting, our experience stands behind every project. We’ve worked with dozens of ecommerce sites in many industries, helping them switch from limiting systems to expansive ones. IN-SYNCH works with multiple carts and platforms, offering a flexible solution for ecommerce growth. Let’s talk about how we can help your company make the switch. You can integrate Sage 100 with your ecommerce site. We can make it happen.

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