By Ruth Richter • June 19, 2019

Blog|Building A Solid Home Improvement Ecommerce Experience with IN-SYNCH®

Home improvement projects are on the rise, and some of the reasons might surprise you. DIY home improvement projects are most likely performed by Millennials using technology such as YouTube and other video services to teach themselves how to do anything they need. In fact, of all the 2018 home improvements made in the US last year, only 7 percent worked with a professional.

Whether a home improvement project is led by a DIYer armed with a tutorial video and a healthy dose of self-confidence, or by a trained contractor, the project still requires hardware and other home improvement tools. Online hardware and home improvement sales grew 23 percent in 2017 to a whopping $40B. Check out how these home improvement supply companies are leveraging this online success to build their businesses.

Everything Kitchens

Everything Kitchens is the very definition of a DIY-friendly company. Started in 2002 with $500 by a new mother working from her bedroom, Everything Kitchens has now grown to a top-quality kitchenware and appliances provider based in a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Everything Kitchens offers over 200 well-known brands of everything from cookware to glassware to appliances. Anyone hoping to improve their kitchen can get everything they need from Everything Kitchens’ online store or their new full-service retail store located in Springfield, Missouri.

Such incredible growth over 17 years doesn’t come without its challenges. Fortunately, Everything Kitchens worked with ROI Consulting to integrate its Magento ecommerce platform seamlessly with its Sage 100 and other warehouse management software solutions. With IN-SYNCH, Everything Kitchens knows that information flows correctly between all its systems, whether warehouse or retail, and that the systems are scalable should they decide to expand into third party shopping carts or other markets. With IN-SYNCH integration, Everything Kitchens has cooked up its perfect ecommerce success plan.

Grand Brass Lamp Parts

The oldest supplier of lamp-making supplies in the U.S., Grand Brass Lamp Parts has been providing retail and wholesale lighting, parts, and supplies since 1913. Whether you’re looking to replace an antique lamp glass shade or start a DIY lighting project, Grand Brass Lamp Parts can illuminate your project and make it shine.

Grand Brass Lamp Parts has been enjoying the Clearnine cart’s capability to display the Sage 100 catalog on the website, seamlessly. With several 1,000 parts, this saves countless hours of time maintaining the parts in two places. Customers have smooth shopping experience with the many ways they can find parts, in addition to being able to reference all their past orders.

Custom Service Hardware

Founded in 1977 when owner Frank Rasmussen decided to build waterbeds on his Wisconsin farm and created custom brackets for his construction, Custom Service Hardware has since grown into a premier hardware provider for builders, furniture makers, and homeowners. CSH’s trademarked QuietGlide solutions give homeowners the option to install interior barn doors and rolling ladders in their homes on nearly noiseless systems. CSH even offers a brand of hidden bookcase doors.

Growing from selling excess custom waterbed brackets to over 50,000 products takes a lot of coordination, as does selling it on several platforms such as an ecommerce Magento storefront, Amazon, and Walmart. Fortunately, with IN-SYNCH and Sage 100, CSH can integrate all its ecommerce information between systems in real-time, keeping inventories up-to-date, orders processing on time, and customers happy with their hardware.

You Don’t Have to DIY with IN-SYNCH and ROI Consulting

DIY home improvement might be on the rise, but you don’t have to integrate your Sage 100 and ecommerce data by yourself. See how partnering with ROI Consulting can give you the foundation you need for a solid home improvement ecommerce experience. Contact us here or call 402-934-2223, 1.