By Ruth Richter • February 21, 2017

Blog|Better Home Improvement – Courtesy of Sage ERP Integration

Do-it-yourself home improvement projects can be stressful because they often include all sorts of unexpected setbacks. Home-improvement suppliers can’t afford delays or setbacks, because their customers often require needed supplies immediately, so they can take care of the unexpected surprises that home improvement brings. Luckily, the companies that supply these products can stay on top of orders and inventory by linking their shopping carts and ecommerce sites to Sage 100, using Sage ERP integration tools.

Learn about two leading home-improvement supply/distribution companies–Closet World and ATR Lighting–that succeed in customer service through integration between ecommerce and Sage ERP, all provided by the flexible, robust IN-SYNCH tool from ROI Consulting.

Closet World: Made-to-Order Organization Seamlessly Delivered through Sage ERP Integration

Closet World is a complete home organizing service with custom products that meet their customers’ specific needs with functional yet stylish, décor-matched units. Because their products aren’t one-size-fits-all, Closet World requires a strong ecommerce solution that provides customers with the option to select their preferred sizes, colors, and other important, personalized details – and they can’t afford duplicate-entry errors that come from transferring data from their web store to their ERP.

To save time on data entry and eliminate data-entry errors, Closet World uses IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting. This tool connects Closet World’s Shopify ecommerce site to their Sage 100 accounting system to integrate orders, inventory, and purchase order information seamlessly.

ATR Lighting: Coming Back to the Ever-Useful IN-SYNCH Shopping Cart Integration

For more than 30 years, ATR Lighting has been supplying airport lamps to the aviation industry, and they also specialize in wholesale supply of home lighting projects with a variety of bulb options, including fluorescent, LED, and halogen, for decorative to general-purpose uses. ATR is also the largest distributor of GE, Sylvania, and Phillips in the U.S., so they have a lot of detailed orders going on at once in their ecommerce system. With such a large distribution network, they can’t afford to be late on orders or shipping – and to stay on deadline, they need accurate, instant Sage ERP integration with their ecommerce system.

Originally, ATR Lighting chose IN-SYNCH to perform up-to-the-minute MS-SQL reporting for their Sage 100 system, but in the summer of 2015, they launched an all-new Clearnine shopping cart that empowers their B2B customers to easily place online orders. To fully integrate their new shopping cart with their Sage 100 backend, ATR once again chose IN-SYNCH as their trusted integration tool.

Improve Your Webstore with Full Shopping Cart Integration

Doing home improvement projects may be tough, but improving your website and online shopping cart as a home-improvement supplier is easy – when you use Sage ERP integration provided by IN-SYNCH. With the power to get real-time, bi-directional syncing between your ecommerce solution and your Sage 100 system, there’s no limit to the projects you can accomplish and the sales you can achieve.

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