By Ruth Richter • August 08, 2016

Blog|Back to School with ROI Consulting’s Sage 100 Integration Clients

Sage 100 integrationIt’s that time of year when children sigh and parents rejoice. Yes, it’s back to school time. Now is the time when parents and teachers alike think about all the things they need to get children back into a learning frame of mind, and to make learning fun.

For homeschooling parents or teachers selecting materials for their classrooms, online shopping has been a big benefit. Now the entire world of educational supplies is available no matter where you live. You can order books, whiteboards, software, and more to help children learn about everything from science to math.

Many of our clients offer great learning tools and products. Through Sage 100 integration with shopping carts, ROI Consulting’s IN-SYNCH product has made it easier for these companies to serve their customers. As the seasons change, these companies find their order volume increases around back-to-school time. With flexible technology, they can easily ramp up for back to school season and scale back in the spring.

Math U See

Math U See, powered by Demme Learning, offers a complete K-12 homeschool curriculum. Video instruction, interactive manipulatives, and other resources offer an engaging learning experience for students that makes math fun.

The company needed a way to integrate their Magento ecommerce platform with Sage 100. They contacted ROI Consulting for help with real-time bidirectional synchronization and improved sales reports. The numbers added up, and now Math U See has the data they need to power sales.

OptiMA Companies

OptiMA Companies needed help with their Sage 100 integration. This small, friendly business creates products found in every classroom and many businesses and homes nationwide: dry erase whiteboards. These boards have replaced old-fashioned chalkboards in our nation’s schools, and have rapidly become ubiquitous in many businesses, too.

OptiMA faced many challenges that were eased by IN-SYNCH. The company operated several ecommerce platforms, including one on Yahoo and one on PDG. With IN-SYNCH, they were able to integrate each shopping cart easily with Sage 100, resulting in one source of data for the whole company, easier order fulfillment, and minimal mistakes. That’s an A+ in our book!

The AIMS Center for Math and Science Education

Math and science literacy and learning are rapidly becoming the most important issues at stake for many children. Thanks to the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education, children benefit from tools such as fun activity books and e-learning modules that make science and math interesting. Classroom curricula, learning opportunities for instructors, and more made for a productive, if complicated, business model.

To help the AIMS Center more easily manage their children’s products, ROI Consulting recommended IN-SYNCH to integrate their Up-shot ecommerce platform with Sage 100. The numbers must have added up for the AIMS Center for Math and Science, for the organization loves this easy solution to their problem.

Webster Pages: Making Memories

It’s your child’s first day of school and you want to keep the memory of her gap-toothed grin and pink backpack forever. If you’re like one of the millions of people across America who love to keep their memories alive on the pages of scrapbooks, Webster Pages is probably a familiar name. The North Carolina, family-owned business produces beautiful embellishments and printed papers to save your cherished memories and creatively build your own family album. The company also sells beautiful planners, travel planners, and other products to organize your papers and keepsakes.

Webster Pages turned to ROI Consulting for help integrating their Magento shopping cart. Order taking and fulfillment had become cumbersome, and they knew there had to be an easier way of keeping track of customer information and ensuring accurate fulfillment. With IN-SYNCH, Magento and Sage 100 integration were a breeze. Now they can make happy memories a reality for their customers by fulfilling orders quickly and easily.

ROI Consulting: Expert Insights, Exceptional Service

If you’d like help integrating your ecommerce shopping cart with Sage 100, we can help. We’ve worked with many industries, shopping carts, and platforms to create a smooth integration experience for our customers. Let’s talk about how we can help your business. Contact ROI Consulting online or call us at 402-934-2223 ext. 1.