By Ruth Richter • January 16, 2018

Amazon|Automate Amazon Settlement Reports with IN-SYNCH

Amazon adsAre you using Amazon for your e-commerce business? Did you know that you can automatically synchronize your payments data with your Sage 100 accounting system? IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting is the perfect answer for integrating your Amazon Settlements data with Sage 100 accounting and inventory data.


IN-SYNCH, developed by ROI Consulting, is an integration tool designed to integrate multiple carts, marketplaces, and other third party data into Sage 100 ERP systems. It’s been tested for over 20 years by businesses in almost every product category using almost every conceivable shopping cart system available.

With each new integration, IN-SYNCH has proven to be an effective, flexible, and accurate program. It seamlessly integrates data to avoid duplicate data entry. Instead of taking information out of one system, matching it with another, and importing it manually, IN-SYNCH integrates data seamlessly from your cart into Sage 100.

That seamless integration includes Amazon Payments Reports. IN-SYNCH can also be used for many other integration needs. ROI Consulting can assist you with many types of integration that will save you time, money, and effort.

What are Amazon Settlement Reports?

Amazon Payment (Settlement) reports provide a detailed breakdown of your account activity for a given settlement period. When each settlement is complete, the payments report is posted and Amazon Payments initiates a transfer to your bank account. The Payments report is then available for download. The report contains a separate line for every product in an order, as well as other events, such as subscription fees or account adjustments. For a complete listing of the fields in the report click here.

Better Amazon Settlement and Sage 100 Integration

Normally, companies selling on Amazon download and read the Payment report manually. IN-SYNCH can integrate your Amazon Settlement data with Sage 100 to eliminate duplicate data entry.

  • Real-time synchronization: No delays with IN-SYNCH! When there is a new settlement file at Amazon, IN-SYNCH automatically syncs it with your Sage 100 accounting data. Information is updated in real time so, when you access the data, it’s showing you an accurate picture of what’s happening in your company right now.
  • Bidirectional: Data flows seamlessly throughout the system. There’s no waiting for an evening batch upload or for queries to queue and upload to the system. It’s all happening behind the scenes while your system works steadily to support your revenue goals.
  • Security: You get peace of mind knowing that a proven, reliable product such as IN-SYNCH is behind the integration with your Sage 100 ERP system. ROI Consulting is also a Sage Gold Partner with a strong record of successful integration projects and customer service over our 20-year history.

What would your company do with faster, better, accurate data? Business decisions based on faulty or older data can lead to incorrect assumptions and missed opportunities. Any time you must manually enter data into a system, you run the risk of delays and mistakes creeping into the data. Can you afford it?

IN-SYNCH streamlines the process of data integration, including Amazon Settlements, so you have everything you need at your fingertips to be productive. Learn more about ROI Consulting customers who are integrating Amazon with Sage 100 using IN-SYNCH.

ROI Consulting

IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting makes integration easy. Many clients have used IN-SYNCH to connect their systems with a wide range of e-commerce sites with excellent results.

ROI Consulting, home of IN-SYNCH, offers consulting and support for website integration with Sage 100. With over 20 years of experience, ROI Consulting understands the needs of Sage 100 clients and offers the right tools to support integration.

For more information on IN-SYNCH, visit ROI Consulting or speak with someone at ROI Consulting today. Contact ROI Consulting online or call us at 402-934-2223, ext. 1