By Ruth Richter • March 27, 2018

Blog|A Perfect Match: Online Shopping + IN-SYNCH

Online shopping has grown in most industries over the past few years and the beauty and personal care industry is no exception. In fact, internet sales is the fastest growing channel for these products and accounted for 8.4% of all retail sales in 2016.

Online retailers for beauty products have found that the internet has an advantage to many other channels because they can educate consumers on how their products work with video tutorials. Plus, pushing products on social media is a natural for this industry. One beauty supplier saw a 25% growth in revenue and a 70% increase in profitability after shifting to online sales and revamping its social media presence. (source: Going Rogue, How Beauty Brands are Winning at E-Commerce, NBC News)

ROI Consulting has several beauty and personal care companies as customers. Here are a few of our customers who use IN-SYNCH in a variety of ways, including using automation to run an efficient operation and meet online sales growth while providing a superior online shopping experience for their customers.


Gelish by Hand & Nail Harmony

The first gel polish packaged in a bottle, Gelish nail lacquer comes in over 100 colors sold in more than 80 countries around the world. Gelish brand is part of Hand & Nail Harmony, which was established in 2009. The unique formula gives fingers a flawless finish, perfectly highlighting any new bling a sweetheart might gift you! Gelish is available exclusively at salons, and professionals can stock up easily on the Gelish website.

Internal automation is a top priority and using IN-SYNCH to automate inter-company purchasing and fulfilling transactions helps maintain the smooth operations of this successful customer!


Manic Panic

What began as a small business punk-style boutique between two sisters in the 1970s evolved to include wild hair dye in the 1980s, an explosion from small to big business in the 90s, and going international in the new millennium. Manic Panic, a term coined by the sisters’ mom, is now internationally renowned for its hair colors and cosmetics. Those looking to truly highlight their individualism can happily browse through bright hair dye, neon extensions, rocker chick lashes, eyeshadow palettes, and more to define their own unique look.

In the beginning of the new millennium, products were being distributed in UK, Australia, Italy, Germany, Japan, and The Netherlands. Today, people can purchase from all over the world via their e-commerce platform. The shopping experience is smooth for customers who prefer to shop from their laptop or phone and the IN-SYNCH solution works behind the scene 24/7.


Kerstin Florian

Kerstin Florian USA provides products and treatments to the spa industry. Their emphasis on healthy, balanced, and holistic living is much-needed in today’s stressful times. Their face and body treatments are much beloved by spa aficionados nationwide. Skincare, body care, and other luxurious products make people look and feel beautiful.

The company built an online store to help increase revenue and needed a solution for Sage 100 e-commerce integration that would consider their unique inventory system. They use IN-SYNCH to link their warehouse inventory system, Amazon marketplace, Magento e-commerce cart, and Sage 100 for exceptional data delivery. The company has the data it needs to build sales nationwide and focus on creating and launching the beauty products they are known for.


Look Smart, Shop Smart

No matter what your industry, you can improve your customers’ online shopping experience with perfect integration, from cart to Sage 100. with IN-SYNCH. Whether you sell exclusively on your site, on third-party sites, or a combination of the two, IN-SYNCH’s real-time, bidirectional, and secure synchronization provides a competitive advantage. The Sage system will be automatically updated with order details, new customer profiles, customer information changes, and more to ensure records are always current.

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