By Ruth Richter • April 06, 2017

Blog|7 Ways Sage100 Website Integration Helps Multichannel Companies Build Customer Trust

Expanding your small business online can be stressful because setting up a web store or online shopping cart takes time—and in addition, your first few months in e-commerce can be rough while you’re learning how to market your online presence. Luckily, there is a way to smooth through many of your learning hiccups—here are seven ways that Sage100 website integration will help you.

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7 Ways Sage100 Website Integration Builds Your Customers’ Trust

  1. You can use SSL encryption – A fully encrypted site protects your customers’ searches and clicks the entire time they’re on your site, but with Sage100 integration, your customer’s information won’t be a mystery to you. As soon as they order, you’ll have the information instantly input into your accounting system, and your customer will know that their order details are private and protected.
  2. Your awards and testimonials will increase – With integration between your Sage100 and your website, you’ll get instant order info with automation capabilities, and you can keep your inventory counts perfectly up to date. These will help you deliver incredible customer service in record time, which will improve your website trustworthiness by increasing the number of testimonials and awards you receive and can display.
  3. You can showcase an attractive site design – Setting up a website takes time, and setting up an attractive website takes even more time. Data entry also takes a lot of time. With Sage100 website integration and a professional-looking site, your customers will enjoy their shopping experience.
  4. You’ll boost your sales with mobile responsiveness – When you save time with Sage100 integration, you’ll also have time to turn your beautiful e-commerce site into a mobile-responsive design, which will increase sales and trustworthiness by making it easy for your customers to securely purchase from you anywhere and anytime.
  5. Your responsiveness will be lightning fast – With Sage100 website integration, you won’t be wasting precious time finding and entering data between your site and your ERP. Instead, you’ll be moving on orders instantly, as soon as the customer places them. That means your delivery time and response time will be faster—which builds both trust and loyalty.
  6. You’ll build more reviews – Speedier orders from an attractive website will help your company grow so you can sell more online. The more you sell, the more reviews your company will have, and the more you can highlight your product or company reviews on your site and beyond. Increased reviews help your customers trust you more.
  7. You can advertise easy returns – Accurate data entry ensures accurate shipping and accurate package contents, and integration between your Sage100 and your website will help you ensure that your Sage100 data is accurate as well. With the correct data at your fingertips, it’ll be a breeze for you to find customer information and facilitate returns when customers call you. That’ll make your customers very happy.


It’s Time to Build your Business with Effective E-Commerce

As soon as you’re ready to increase your competitive advantage and sell around the clock, you’re ready to start using e-commerce. Make your transition to online selling easy and start increasing your online sales as fast as possible when you choose the time-tested IN-SYNCH Sage100 website integration solution from ROI Consulting. This effortless, instant, bi-directional, real-time data-sync solution between your online shopping cart and your ERP will get your web store off the ground fast by helping you build customer trust while delivering up-to-date details about your great product.

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