By Ruth Richter • March 08, 2018

Blog|6 Tips for Going Green in Your Business

“Going green” can be an intimidating phrase.

LEED—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design—may be what most businesses think of when they think “going green.” But, contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to be building new or gutting your office, there are so many ways that companies can go green.

A Quick Path to Light Green

Being sustainable can happen in big ways as well as small ways. Even without LEED certification, there are plenty of opportunities to increase the sustainability of your workplace and improve culture.

  • Replace Harsh Cleaning Chemicals: Stock your cleaning supplies with environmentally-friendly and biodegradable cleaners. If you use a cleaning service, request that they swap out harsher chemicals for more natural products.
  • Offer Organic Fruits and Veggies: From breakrooms to cafeterias, providing the option of local, fresh fruits and vegetables not only gives employees healthier options, but can also reduce the amount of packaging used, such as plastics.
  • Start a Recycling Program: Add the blue bins! Giving employees personal recycle bins at their desks will encourage them to rethink before they throw something away. Papers, file folders, magazines, and old brochures can all be easily recycled. You can also add bins in breakrooms and lunch rooms to collect cans and bottles.
  • Encourage carpooling: Do you have many employees who commute long distances? Set up a carpool board that will enable them to connect with others living in the same town to share the drive and save on gas and emissions.
  • Add Nature to the Office Environment: If possible, find ways to reconfigure desks so the largest number of workspaces can receive natural light and be within eyesight of a window. You might also consider adding live plants around the office.
  • Encourage Outdoor Activities: Get your employees outside for some fresh air by hosting games such as corn hole. Not only will they benefit from getting up and moving, games are also shown to improve employee engagement, camaraderie, and collaboration.

Green is Good … for a Lot!

Being good for the environment won’t just make you feel good, it can also impact your sales! A 2014 survey found that 55 percent of consumers will pay more for goods and services if the company has environmentally-friendly business practices. According to a different study, nearly a quarter of Americans consider the environment when shopping. It definitely behooves you to be your best shade of green.

If you’re making green claims, make sure they’re genuine. Falsely claiming sustainability—known as “greenwashing”—can backfire and have drastic consequences for your business, up to and including losing customers.

Green in the Cloud

Finally, believe it or not, moving to cloud computing—such as Sage 100cloud and IN-SYNCH—can also be good for the environment. Cloud-based applications enable employees to access and share data from anywhere, whether they’re working from home (and saving on gas and emissions!) or from the cube next to yours. Plus, data in a cloud doesn’t require your company to purchase or maintain pricey server equipment and use additional electricity to power it all.

ROI Consulting is committed to green practices. To learn more about how we can help you go green with cloud computing, or to learn more about our sustainability initiatives, contact ROI Consulting online or call us at 402-934-2223, ext. 1.