By Ruth Richter • March 28, 2017

Blog|3 Ways Sage Integration Software Can Fix Your E-commerce Problems

As business owners, we hear the same advice all the time: “make sure your business has an online presence” because “if you’re not selling online, you’re missing out.” While this is quite true, considering today’s competitive landscape and the prevalence of on-line shopping, it doesn’t express the full advice for selling online. Here at ROI Consulting, we’ve spent nearly 20 years helping clients improve and expand their e-commerce sales initiatives successfully—and we can say that one of the most important hurdles to effective online selling is choosing the right e-commerce platform and your Sage integration solution partner.

A recent report from CloudCraze, “The B2B Digital Commerce Imperative,” supports what we here at ROI Consulting have found:

Many Businesses Are Missing Out on Revenues

Some of the companies that may be missing out the most are those that have been offering their products via the web for years.

Though this sounds contrary to logic, these companies stand to lose the most because they’ve already implemented online selling, but they often don’t ensure that their sales (and the resulting data entry) are completed quickly or accurately. That’s a serious problem.

The CloudCraze study, which surveyed nearly 200 IT and marketing managers, reported that:

  • 39% of businesses have lost business because their e-commerce option doesn’t support order documentation
  • 39% of businesses have difficulties integrating customer data, which makes it tough to resolve customer pain points

Choosing the E-commerce Platform Should be Based on Business Priorities

Today, companies have many e-commerce options to select from. Sorting through and prioritizing the most important options is important. According to the CloudCraze study, business’ top priorities with their e-commerce platform should be:

  • Generating online revenue (36%)
  • Reducing costs via customer self servicing (29%)
  • Enhancing the mobile experience (26%)

Choosing a Great Integration Partner is Key

Not only does it take extensive research to find the right e-commerce platform that can help your business meet these objectives, it also takes an investment to launch and bring the project live.

No matter what shopping cart or web store you choose (or already run), you can ensure that you’ll improve your order processing speeds and increase your online sales efficiency when you choose real-time, bi-directional Sage integration software for e-commerce, such as IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting.

The study states that, “Businesses know that their current e-commerce platforms are leading to missed sales and revenue …” but you don’t have to stick with an e-commerce system and setup that only works for you as a short-term solution. Reduce your data-entry labor hours, increase your accuracy, and address your customer pain points with Sage integration software that seamlessly connects your Sage 100 ERP with your e-commerce shopping cart or web store.

Get Expert Help with Sage Integration Software

Whether you choose a big-name e-commerce solution like Amazon, Magento, or Big Commerce—or you’re using a lesser-known or custom-built system—IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting can help you connect up the information you need to ensure faster, better service, with effortless product and inventory syncing and an automated back end that takes care of a lot of the work for you.

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