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For companies with complex integration needs, IN-SYNCH fits the bill perfectly. Bonanza Trade and Supply proves this with ambitious and innovative goals for its ERP ecommerce initiatives. They are constantly imagining ways to expand their reach. The company sells marble, granite, and tile fabrication and installation tools—everything from setting materials to shop and field supplies, as well as abrasives and diamond tools. Due to IN-SYNCH’s flexibility and reliability, ROI is ready to help Bonanza’s team with whatever project they may dream up next.

Bonanza Trade and Supply’s Growth

Bonanza Trade and Supply was established in 1995 by Daniel Abitboul in North Hollywood, California, to supply both tile contractors and stone fabricators. His vision was a one-stop-shop for supplies to the tile and stone industry. Danial initially operated out of a small warehouse, recording orders on a yellow notepad.

Due to the high priority Bonanza places on equipping their employees and customers with the knowledge they need to succeed in the tile and stone business, the company quickly grew. Today, Bonanza occupies two 7,000-foot warehouses, stocks over 10,000 products, and sells through multiple sales channels with a burgeoning ecommerce presence. They also offer free workshops on the latest tile and stone installation techniques and free industry certification workshops.

Taking On a Wide Variety of Selling Channels

Another key to the company’s growth over the past 30 years is the development of multiple distribution channels. Offering the face-to-face channel with the “brick and mortar” retail store and knowledgeable inside and outside salespeople, Bonanza caters to both the local market as well as the business-to-business channel. The company launched their first online ecommerce store,, using Volusion, which allowed them a whole new way to reach consumers, anytime and anywhere.

Over the last few years, Bonanza’s Amazon marketplace selling channel has gained the most traction. With over 310 million consumers, their relationship with Amazon has really paid off. They work with Amazon through an FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) Prime model, offering rapid shipping to their customers.

In addition, they sell products through eBay and Walmart marketplaces and the company website,

Integration is Key

As Daniel puts it, “the only way you can get more efficient is through automation or delegation. I cannot create more than 24 hours in a day. But I can get more work done in those hours by creating efficiency and automation in the systems that we use.”

Clearly, automating data flow between these selling channels through integration is a necessity as Bonanza continues to grow. What’s more, Bonanza offers customer support for each channel, underscoring the importance of unified and accurate data across the organization.

In order to accomplish these complex integrations, Bonanza turns to ROI. In 2023, ROI helped switch platforms from Volusion to BigCommerce. IN-SYNCH now connects BigCommerce and Sage 100 data such as inventory count, prices, map prices, discontinued items, sales orders, shipment tracking, commercial pricing, and inventory cycle.

In addition, ROI has integrated Bonanza’s Sage 100 ERP with the Amazon Marketplace, and eBay. They have also integrated a B2B Clearnine portal and will soon integrate a new shipping platform, Veeqo.

Customizing the Integrations Has Made a Difference

The integrations above are ones that ROI has performed many times. However, the Bonanza team didn’t stop there. Through consultation with the ROI team, Bonanza determined several unique integration touchpoints that they wanted between their ERP and their ecommerce websites.

In the first place, Bonanza wanted an adjustment to their inventory that is displayed on their Amazon Marketplace. They asked ROI to adjust their IN-SYNCH Amazon integration to synchronize 90% of their inventory to Amazon instead of 100%. That way, Bonanza has a buffer to avoid selling out or overselling certain products.

Along those same lines, Bonanza also asked ROI to synchronize pending orders from Amazon. In other words, when a customer places a Bonanza product in their cart, that pending order will reduce the inventory count by one. However, because a pending order does not equal an actual order, they needed their own classification in Sage—a sort of “hold” instead of a complete order that would appear on a pick sheet. This feature also prevents overselling while still giving employees an accurate inventory count.

Lastly, Bonanza needed a solution for their promotional pricing model. Every two months, Bonanza sends out emails and flyers containing sales on dozens of products. Before ROI came into the picture, Bonanza’s ecommerce manager had to manually enter the new price of each item not only in Sage, but also—separately—in BigCommerce … and then had to discontinue each promotional price once the sale was over. This translated into hours of work each month. Now, through the power of IN-SYNCH, promotional prices in Sage are automatically reflected on the BigCommerce site. This easily allows the employee to set a start date and sunset date of the promotion, automating the process, which saves time and money.

IN-SYNCH enabled all these unique solutions, allowing Bonanza to dream big when it came to integration.

The Possibilities are Endless with IN-SYNCH

Daniel credits the ROI team with helping his company achieve new levels of efficiency through integration. “Can you imagine writing all these orders by hand?” he asks. “Automation allows for expansion, allows for growth.” He also praises the expertise of ROI team members, especially Bob and Patricia: “The ROI team are the only people you should work with because they know Sage and they know their product inside out. Any time we achieve a result or a project with ROI, I’m wowed,” he says.

Daniel and the Bonanza team are always looking for ways to improve their company’s integrations. Daniel knows that the sky’s the limit with ROI: “We can do a tremendous amount with IN-SYNCH. There’re a million things they can do. It just depends on your imagination—what you want to create. With imagination and creativity, it’ll really be endless. I’m constantly dreaming of new things I can build.”