Venturi, Inc. is a high-powered, fast-growing omni-channel retail machine that offers hundreds of different products globally. One of the drivers of their ability to achieve rapid expansion is their use of technology to streamline workflows, decrease reliance on manual labor, and continuously improve timing between ordering and delivery.

The Challenge

In late 2012, Venturi’s website platform and Sage 100 accounting system were partially automated. With the goal for rapid growth, Venturi replaced the Access database and FTP files with an integration solution by eBridge Connections. Unfortunately, the solution looked great on the surface, but ultimately didn’t perform the way it was represented. After a number of months, they decided to replace it.”

The Solution 

Venturi uses the MAPADOC EDI solution, which is native to Sage 100. Integration is seamless and they wanted a similar solution for their ecommerce business. With a high recommendation by their Sage partner, Venturi reviewed ROI’s IN-SYNCH® solution. “We valued their recommendation and moved forward,” said Kelly Westfield, Director of Finance. “It turned out to be a great recommendation. The ROI team was terrific, and we partner well, which made the process so smooth. And the IN-SYNCH solution worked right from the beginning.”

The Result 

Over the past ten years, Venturi has significantly grown their Amazon offerings, added eBay and Walmart merchant channels, and expanded fulfillment. They also replatformed to WooCommerce with ERP integration. “It’s hard to quantify the value IN-SYNCH and ROI has had on our business, but without Sage 100 ecommerce integration we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the volume,” explained Westfield.

“The automation allows us to grow sales without growing the customer service staff. The integration works so well, Venturi staff can focus their time on providing a better customer service experience because the orders on time and accurate. Automation allows us to gain efficiencies and add benefits, such as offering same-day shipping for orders placed by 1:00 pm Eastern. We wouldn’t be able to do that without real-time integration.”

Because the IN-SYNCH solution works so well, and integration is available to multiple shopping carts, Venturi has the freedom to continue grow its business into more and more marketplaces.