The Fulfillment House’s unique offering requires a Sage 100 integration solution that is robust and cost-effective.

The company, based in Yardville, NJ, provides complete outsourced fulfillment services from order handling to shipping. What makes their services unique is that they provide custom solutions to accommodate individual customer needs. Their fulfillment process is an invisible extension of their customers’ operations. Their end-to-end solutions for e-commerce businesses include full in-house EDI, kitting, pick/pack, dedicated customer service lines, tailored AR and AP departments, hundreds of online reports and climate-controlled warehousing.

Many of The Fulfillment House customers are overseas businesses looking to get started in the U.S. With the advent of e-commerce, the distribution model needed to change from the old model of selling material in bulk to a distributor who handles sales and marketing. Today’s manufacturers want more control. They often already have websites for B2C commerce and want to retain control of sales and marketing. That’s where The Fulfillment House comes in. They work with their clients’ current sales and marketing strategy while providing distribution and services such as collecting payments and making bank deposits. Each client has a different business plan and a unique distribution pipeline.

In spring of 2015, Greg Kilmer, President of The Fulfillment House, was looking for a solution that would help his fulfillment clients get their orders from their various websites to the Sage 100 platform. “We wanted an integration solution that would work in a multi-company environment, was cost effective to implement, and wouldn’t require our team to learn how to run another piece of software,” says Kilmer.


When comparing ROI Consulting to other integration companies, it was clear that ROI’s background in Sage products made a difference. “Out of the gate, it made it easier to talk to them about what we were doing because they understood Sage,” relates Kilmer. “A multi-company environment did not throw them for a loop. As we compared proposals, ROI’s IN-SYNCH solution was cost-effective and we were confident they could deliver what we needed.”

In fact, the ROI Consulting team typically finishes an integration project for The Fulfillment House in seven to ten days, compared to a month or longer for other integration companies. Says Kilmer, “Each of ROI Consulting’s team is an expert in a particular area. They already know the shopping carts. They have detailed knowledge of Sage’s proprietary database. They know enough to ask questions the customers haven’t already thought of.”

IN-SYNCH is ROI Consulting’s integration tool that is made specifically for the Sage 100 marketplace. This product is robust enough to handle multiple companies, databases and shopping carts. At The Fulfillment House, IN-SYNCH provides separate Sage 100 integration for each client. Order information, inventory management and customer details are mapped uniquely for each customer regardless of the shopping cart that is utilized. With its abilities to integrate with any third-party software or cart, such as Amazon, Magento, eBay and more, IN-SYNCH will be ready to handle future client requirements as they arise.


Implementing IN-SYNCH has made a big impact at The Fulfillment House. The integration allows the company to provide even greater service at a lower cost. “The payback to our customers is usually in the three to six-month range as we are able to charge fewer hours for administrative support,” says Kilmer.

Other benefits include real-time processing of web orders. Before IN-SYNCH, the web orders were sent in a batch at the end of the day and then processed the following day. Now orders can be processed as soon as they are received on the website and even shipped in the same day. Orders are also more accurate as data doesn’t need to be re-entered. The same information that is entered in the web order is transferred to The Fulfillment House’s Sage 100 system as it happens. As a result, The Fulfillment House is able to keep the website and warehouse current and accurate with real-time syncing of inventory data.

The Fulfillment House continues to use ROI Consulting and IN-SYNCH for their customer integration projects. “If you are a current user of Sage, you would be foolish not to consider ROI as a first-line solution to handle integration with the web sites and other systems,” advises Kilmer. “We’ve been doing this with them for a few years and every project has been on schedule and on budget.”

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