Since 1973, SPI has worked hard to become one of the most exciting home décor, garden, and gallery vendors in the industry. To offer their unique range of outdoor products, SPI first designs the original items and then oversees manufacturers in China and other areas of Asia, which helps them keep their costs low and their quality high.

SPI has built their business around their massive distribution operations; they sell their unique products through major retailers worldwide, including large department stores, garden centers, specialty boutiques, mail-order catalogs, and online stores. However, worldwide sales put pressure on SPI to speed up their orders so they could ship faster and farther than ever before. By integrating their Shopify and Amazon stores with their Sage 100 system using IN-SYNCH, they were able to create a speedy self-service portal for their customers that saved them time on order entry and ensured accuracy—no matter how many line items the order contained.