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Sea Dwelling Creatures is an award-winning wholesaler and distributor of marine fish, invertebrates, and aquarium supplies. As the nation’s largest with over 120,000 gallons of holding tanks, they have a vast variety of marine life with enough inventory to supply customers across the country and around the world. They even boast a “Coral Boutique” – a 2,400 gallon coral system with the best corals from around the world, including Australia, Fiji, Solomon, Jakarta, and more. They service institutions such as the John G. Shedd Aquarium, Scripps Institute, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Mandalay Bay Resort, SeaWorld, Walt Disney World, and many of the finest retail establishments.

As Sea Dwelling Creatures continued to grow, so did their need for a sophisticated e-commerce platform. Because they are using IN-SYNCH as the synchronization method for their Sage 100 accounting software, their move to their new online ordering system, Auction Software, was a breeze. IN-SYNCH enables Sea Dwelling to have the lightning fast integration and seamless ordering process they have always enjoyed, without the high cost of monthly hosting fees. Be sure to see their products at