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More than just a 3pl partner for logistics and warehousing, Open Door Solutions has a passion for the professional hair care and beauty industries and provides everything its customers need to build and maintain a successful product line. From the traditional warehousing and fulfillment to packaging, promotions, and even qualified chemists to create or maintain product formulas, ODP is committed to providing best-in-class operations, committed client support, and lower costs, all while valuing respect and relationship above all else.

To accomplish this full-service approach, ODP used IN-SYNCH to not only integrate websites for fulfillment, but also integrate back out to Shipping Easy, connecting Shipping Easy’s application customer portal. Orders flow smoothly from end to end, making ODP one of the most reliable 3pl partners in the business.

Using IN-SYNCH, we provide an online inventory portal for our 3PL customers. We can handle diverse types of customers with different e-commerce platforms in one solid system. By automating the process, we eliminate manual entry and can handle greater sales volume from our clients.”

Vivian Kwok, Data Analyst