Client Profiles|Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products

The first few days of January, the gym is always packed with new members who are determined to keep to their resolution. Companies like Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products make sure that whether you’re stepping onto the treadmill for the first time, or a lifetime athlete, you have the resources to strengthen, stretch, and protect your body. Medi-Dyne prides itself on providing innovations in prevention and treatment of pain and injuries, from Tennis Elbow to lower back pain.

Online shoppers can find all Medi-Dyne’s nine brands of products on their website, filtering by brand, product, or which pain/prevention issue they’re trying to address. For those who prefer to shop in person to find the right sized solution, Medi-Dyne’s site offers a map that shows where consumers may purchase both premium and specialty products near them. Wholesalers can also log into the site to access special pricing for their wholesale needs. Medi-Dyne’s Big Commerce ecommerce service manages all this information—including specialty pricing—via a Sage 100 integration with IN-SYNCH. This multi-directional integration ensures the right prices show up for the right customers, and the products arrive quickly and correctly to every customer.