Client Profiles|GeriMedix, Inc.

In 1985, GeriMedix, Inc. began with a straightforward mission that prioritized on-time delivery of cost-effective, high-quality, long-term-care resident products, as well as personalized support services for their caregiver customers. Company founders Harold Rubin and Joe Green based their service model on their experiences making countless visits to care facilities throughout the years, and when they were ready to start selling products online they knew they’d have to deliver products to their loyal customers with the care and attention they were recognized for.

GeriMedix has grown significantly over the years it’s been in operation, adding locations and warehouses that now span the country from New York to Illinois. They’ve also created and built up their online web store, which carries a wide range of products from medical-grade batteries to nursing supplies to specialized beds and beyond. They chose the Sage 100-optimized solution, Clearnine, to support their e-commerce store. One of GeriMedix’s focus areas is just-in-time medical device delivery, so in many cases they don’t have time to replace a faulty order. Instead, they ensure accurate order entry and online inventory with bi-directional syncing, real-time inventory and order updates, and completely seamless Sage 100 integration. They achieved all that, reliably, using IN-SYNCH by ROI Consulting.

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