Client Profiles|Eternity Wireless

A 10-year leader in distributing OEMs, branded, and aftermarket wholesale cell phone accessories, Eternity Wireless was founded in 2001 with the goal of delivering the knowledge and products agents needed to support the sale of their cell phone service. Eternity’s extensive stock includes a wide range of brand-name products with quality performance, including PureGear, Trident, TekYa, Skech, Dog & Bone, Ballistic, and more.

To continue their goal of being the expert advisor for their clients as well as a one-stop shop carrying everything their clients may need at competitive prices, Eternity Wireless chose Clearnine, the fully integrated, Sage 100 optimized e-commerce solution that delivers high functionality around the clock. They understood that the client-facing e-commerce tool was only part of their solution. The other half of the solution came from ROI Consulting.

To meet ever-increasing customer demand, Eternity required two-way data integration in real time so that their Sage 100 and Clearnine systems worked in tandem to help them save time on tricky data entry and deliver customer delight with every order, no matter how many line items it held.

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