Client Profiles|Deluxe Distribution

Ermico Enterprises subsidiary Deluxe Distribution was founded in 1986 to distribute record labels that were popular with skateboarders but they didn’t just limit themselves to skater music. They also distribute six skateboard brands—Spitfire, Real, Anti Hero Skateboards, Krooked, Thunder, and Venture—sold through their retail outlet, DLXSF. Skaters can find everything from wheels to bearings, tools to full boards, whatever they need to ride.

Distribution means that Deluxe Distribution also manages six different ecommerce sites, one for each brand distributed. Each site is built on a Shopify platform, and connected back to Sage 100 via IN-SYNCH. With the IN-SYNCH integration solution, Deluxe Distribution’s California headquarters can keep up with sales across all six sites and ensure inventory matches the needs of every skater who shops them.