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Canadian retail and custom packaging company Creative Bag has been supplying North America with the pretty party bags it needs for more than 30 years. Whether it’s a custom bakery box so partygoers know where the cake came from, or customized wedding favor bags, Creative Bag specializes in customizing products to exactly what their users need. Not looking for custom? Creative Bag also sells plenty of decorative and colorful bags and packaging without logos.

Creative Bag runs three brick and mortar locations throughout Canada, but for everyone else, they offer the convenience of an ecommerce site. With the help of IN-SYNCH’s Sage 100 integration, it’s easy to keep custom orders organized within systems, accounting for scaled pricing, tracking inventory between ecommerce and physical locations, and ensuring the right orders get to all the right customers. Integration for the active Amazon marketplace automates the creation of invoices and import of the Amazon Payments Report saving the company time to service customers!