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Broadway Merchandise Shop by Creative Goods is a boutique full-service merchandising agency that specializes in live theater. Founded in New York City, and now servicing all of North America and the UK, they deliver service under the simple belief that merchandise is marketing. For over 25 years, their team has been honing their expertise to offer customers a variety of in-house services, with effective oversight and tighter quality control.

As a large international company, Broadway Merchandise’s parent company, Forward Merch, offers design, production, e-commerce, fulfillment, customer service, and touring services in-house, with over 10 live Broadway sites operating at present. Having streamlined and integrated data allows for this unique and customer-centric business to do what it does best: merge their passions for design, quality, and service to heighten theatrical brands by reaching the hearts and minds of theatergoers for generations to come.