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For ninety years, Barclay Water Management has offered a complete range of water treatment solutions for industrial, commercial, and institutional clients. Using their own line of proprietary products and engineering, Barclay protects critical heat exchange equipment from corrosion, formation of mineral deposits, and microbiological fouling. This ensures that their customers’ facilities comply with even the most stringent wastewater effluent guidelines. Barclay is especially proud of its Environmental Group, which offers a variety of water hygiene services that focus strongly on Legionella risk management.

While Barclay doesn’t have a traditional ecommerce setup, they do feature a B2B portal for their customers, a portal that they achieved with the help of Clearnine and ROI Consulting. With their Sage 100 ERP in place, a Clearnine website that also uses IN-SYNCH as a platform ensures that customers have seamless access to their account information.