By Ruth Richter • August 13, 2019

Marmic Fire & SafetySafety is the mission for Marmic Fire & Safety. Headquartered in Missouri, Marmic has been helping retail, medical, commercial, and industrial establishments across the Midwest meet OSHA mandates, government codes, and NFPA standards. Aside from fire and safety products, Marmic also offers inspection services and hazard analysis. Their team members are rigorously trained to the most recent standards and technology so their customers can rest assured their businesses and employees are ready to handle any possible emergency.

Not just a service provider, Marmic also sells a plethora of safety equipment online. From ladders and rain suits to flashlights and fire extinguishers, Marmic has everything you need for fire safety and protection. With such a wide array of product offerings, though, they need to be able to accurately track inventory and keep order data organized in their Sage 100 system. Here, the safety experts turned to the integration experts. With IN-SYNCH integration by ROI consulting, Marmic has a finger on the pulse of every product, from the faster-moving inventory to the longer lead stock.