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For the last 40 years, Royal Imaging International has pioneered the printer and copier supply industry. Working exclusively through channel partners, Royal Imaging International provides comprehensive solutions, real-time friendly service, and innovations that set them apart. With a mix of OEM, compatible, and remanufactured supplies for copiers, fax machines, laser and inkjet printers and even dot-matrix ribbons, on top of two distribution centers, if Royal Imaging International can’t find the part you need, it might not exist.

Delivering on all this requires the right information integration. That’s where IN-SYNCH comes in. Connecting their ecommerce site to their Sage 100 system, IN-SYNCH keeps the right information flowing the right way to the right places. Their two distribution centers mean orders can be shipped quickly, but they can’t ship without the proper information. IN-SYNCH’s integration triggers everything from picking and packing from the closest distribution center to tracking numbers and shipping labels, all through passing information between the ecommerce site and Sage 100.