Founded twenty-five years ago by veterinarians, Leedstone is a family-owned supplier dedicated to partnering with dairy and beef farms to help care for their animals. Through Leedstone, farmers can get same-day-ship access to medical supplies, standard equipment, and health care products for cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine, and even household pets.

As Leedstone dug into ecommerce, they began with ROI’s IN-SYNCH solution for their integration.  Later, when they began selling on Amazon, it was recommended they deploy an aggregator and the eBridge integration solution to integrate multiple Amazon accounts. Not only did the ongoing costs become a concern for Leedstone, but the solution was difficult for managing and reconciliation. Fortunately, after contacting ROI for advice, we were able to use the IN-SYNCH solution to quickly and easily handle the integration directly with their Sage ERP. This simple solution to a complex problem made their business easier and more effective.