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Thirteen years ago, a man named Dan Grace asked, “Why isn’t there a chair for this?” With the help of his engineering background, outdoorsman Grace created the Everywhere Chair® that allows outdoor enthusiasts of all sorts to sit securely on any type of terrain with the use of an adjustable strap and buckle system. Two years later, Grace partnered with Jeffrey Polke, an expert in sales, marketing, and retail, and GCI Outdoor grew in product innovations and in customer service.

What began as a chair design to answer a deceptively simple question has grown into an empire of outdoor and waterside seating options. GCI’s chairs and folding tables are available online through their ecommerce site. Not only can the general customer visit the site and order what they want, but dealers can also log in to place orders at their own individual rates. That level of pricing customization is possible for GCI because they chose to connect their Sage 100 system and their ecommerce platform via IN-SYNCH® by ROI Consulting. With IN-SYNCH, their ecommerce is automatically integrated to pull pricing based on dealer login, while also pushing inventory information bidirectionally between ERP, WMS, and ecommerce systems. With IN-SYNCH, GCI can certainly prop its feet up and relax, trusting in accurate and integrated data.